fellow certified athletic trainer cover lacrosse practice one afternoon B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

fellow certified athletic trainer cover lacrosse practice one afternoon B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Module 1: The Sports Med Team, Epidemiology of Athletic Injuries, and the Elbow, Hand, and Wrist

Preplanning Discussion #1

Good sport health care in a time of emergency treatment relies on three basic necessities: proper planning and practice, good communication skills, and good working relationships among all staff and support staff. How would you as the head athletic trainer at any level ensure that things ran smoothly during an athletic emergency with each of the following support staff groups? Include any preplanning you would do (practice sessions, letters sent out, meetings, etc.) (150 words)


-Orthopedic doctors (team doctors)

-Student trainers

The Sports Medicine Team Discussion #2

1. Identify the members of a sports health care team and list thier job duties at they pertain to the school’s sport teams.

2. What is the importance of maintaining good working relationships with the team physician? the athlete? the emergency technicians? the school nurse? the home team’s health care members (you are the visitors)?

-Answer the questions above. (150 words)

Confidentiality Discussion #3

You were helping your friend and fellow certified athletic trainer cover lacrosse practice one afternoon at a local university. You overheard your friend, an assistant ATC at the school, speaking in detail with the soccer coach about the injury status of a lacrosse athlete who was sitting out of practice that day. The athlete, who was sitting on the sideline at the moment, also overheard the conversation, and was very upset with your friend – enough so that he left practice to go find the head ATC at the facility. According to appendix A, which if any part of the NATA Code of Ethics has your friend violated? Do you have any professional responsibilities/obligations in this situation to act? Would you be in violation of any NATA policies if you did nothing? If so, which ones, and what should you do? (150 words)

PLEASE pay close attention to the discussion rubric. Pay attention to only the initial post and mechanics. It will be attached below and assist you with answering the discussion questions. Use powerpoint as guic

Return to Play Paper (1 Page w/ 2 references separate Microsoft word document)

During this module you must submit your paper on rehabilitation of an athletic injury and include a return to play protocol. Choose one of the following injuries to write your paper: ankle sprain, hamstring strain, shoulder dislocation or grade 1 concussion.

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