explain arab society 100 %? H u m a n i t i e s

explain arab society 100 %? H u m a n i t i e s

Choose ONLY 10 out of the following 20 questions and answer them in detail.

1. Do you think it was effective for Margaret Nydell to compare and contrast Arab society with western society? What are the strengths and weaknesses of her approach?

2. Discuss the role of the fate and God in Arab society.

3. How are Arab portrayed in western movies, TV shows, and media? Can you name some specific instances where Arabs are negatively portrayed? Can you name specific instances where Arabs are portrayed positively light? How do you think media portrayal of Arabs effects society’s concept of them?

4. What role do personal favors play in the Arab conception of friendship? How is this different from the western conception? How is it similar?

5. Discuss the section on “visiting patterns” on page 23. How is this central to friendships in the Arab world?

6. Discuss the general rules of etiquette one must abide by in the Arab world. Discuss issues such as criticism, business relations, intermediaries, and public and private manners. (Chapter 6)

7. Discuss the role of subjectivity and emotion in Arab societies. What does Nydell says about logic, emotion and reality in the Arab context? Do you think this can explain Arab society 100%?

8. What are personal questions that are not taboo in the Arab world? What are personal questions that are taboo in the Arab world? Are there any questions that are too personal for both Arabs and westerners?

9. Discuss the Arab system of naming children. How does this system reflect the Arab values?

10. How are relationships with the opposite sex different in the Arab world than in the western world? How does maintaining women’s honor and protection contribute to social relationships?

11. Discuss the role of hospitably in Arab societies. What are the different aspects of Arab hospitality? What role does hospitality serve in society?

12. How does the Arab conception of time, being on time, being late differ from western expectations?

13. Discuss Arab meals. What can a guest to an Arabs home expect to eat? How much can he/she expect to eat?

14. What are expectations of the guest at an Arab meal? How should a guest dress? If you’re at a restaurant with an Arab friend, who pays? Where should pets be when and Arab guest comes over?

15. Discuss the different social classes in Arab society. How does a personal social status determine his relationship with people of different social statuses?

16. How should you deal with service people? How does upper-class Arabs view the relationship between themselves and service people?

17. Discuss the family in Arab society. How is the family different in the Arab world from the family in the western world? How are they similar?

  • Discuss marriage in Arab society. Who all is involved in the marriage arrangements? How is marriage changing in the light of influence from the west?
  • Discuss divorce in Arab society. How is divorce viewed differently from divorce in western societies?
  • Discuss how raising children is different in Arab societies as opposed to western societies. How does a well- raised child in the Arab world behave?

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