example – “ office supplies ” – W r i t i n g

example – “ office supplies ” – W r i t i n g

You will write and submit an Interim Report, which is an extension of your initial proposal. This is the second part of the project and requires you to update your project based upon evaluating the developed alternatives and evaluation considerations.

Interim Report: The interim report contains all the information needed to complete the analysis of the decision problem except that it does not have to include the final numerical calculations and conclusions. This report provides you with a chance to update your project.  Please label each section of your report.

Use the following outline for the interim report:

  • Background: Briefly describe the history of the problem including its cause(s) and the result of any previous attempts to solve this or similar problems. If the problem affects more than one stakeholder, describe each of them and the basis for their concerns.
  • Problem Statement: This should be redefined from your proposal. Overview of the decision problem and the major considerations in analyzing it.
  • Objective(s): What is the objective of the decision concerning the problem? List all of the objectives and place them in categories.  These categories are values (save money, improve sales, increase productivity, etc.).
  • Decision Alternatives: Describe the process used to determine alternatives (Nominal Group Think, brainstorming, meetings, research, etc.); including a discussion of other alternatives that seem relevant and the reasons these were not analyzed. Describe the final set of alternatives (What are your choices?) used in the decision analysis.
  • Evaluation Considerations and Evaluation Measures: Describe the process used to determine evaluation considerations and evaluation measures, including a discussion of other evaluation considerations that seem relevant and the reasons that they were not included. What is important to the decision maker, (the person who will ultimately implement your recommendations)? Weigh the various items (for example – “office supplies” – what is more important to the decision maker – cost, time or quality?  Relocating a company may include: distance to the customers, cost of various locations, impact on sales etc.

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