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Managing Change


Think back to a change that you have experienced in either your personal or professional life.

Write down your experience of change in about one page, and then answer these questions

What made this experience a “story?’

Part of the attraction of a story is that it will usually have a main character or groups of characters to whom the reader/listener can relate. A story usually has tension and an emotional perspective, as well as factual information. In the text, the change stories include both subjective and factual details. The stories have just enough information to set the scene and explain the importance of the situation. Each story tells of an incident or situation, along with the consequence(s) or choice(s) that the character/company has to resolve or face.

What lessons for managing change can you take from your story?

Refer to Figure 1.2 and think through the different aspects involved in change.



According to Taylor, Fisher, and Dufresne (2020) there are multiple aspects of the aesthetic in a story that can determine it’s likeable; how good or bad the story is. I attempted to use humor in that I used to get hurt more as an athlete and I changed to be more careful.

Change can be an individual experience (Cameron & Green, 2021).

Cameron and Green (2020) described individual change and my change story was about my personal health experience. I used to ….

Now I …

I aspire to learn more organizational change management strategies and compare them to experiences and use the knowledge in future experience (Palmer, Dunford, & Buchanan, 2020).


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Figure 1.2

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