Example Browser Click Link Open Page Ip Address Leading Directory Assume Dns Server Direc Q28645093

. For example, in your browser, click on a link to open a page,the IP address of the leading directory
Assume that the DNS server directory is required to access the IPaddress. Suppose we display the time to send and receive each queryto any DNS server. In addition, suppose the page is associated withthat link
Suppose an object (including a small HTML text) as the time betweenthe car and the client. This topic is intended. When the object issent, consider 0 that click on this link. When it is received, isit radiation?in Problem above

, assume that three DNS-referrers have been visited, and theHTML file contains five very many objects Small on the same server.By canceling the time of sending the objects, in each of thefollowing scenarios, calculate from