exactly correct using excel formulas B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

exactly correct using excel formulas B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Apply what you Know (AWYK)

The goal of these assignments are to relate back to the chapter and to show a proficiency in your understanding of the formulas that are discussed. The Apply What you know assignments are to be completed in Microsoft Excel or equivalent but must be uploaded in Excel format. Each of these assignments use the tables generated from the book as well as changes done by the professor to make them more user friendly. If you do not have a strong profiecency in Excel it is my advice that you use Youtube videos to help with this. Some weeks I will go into deep explanation about the assignments and what information should go into which cells. Other weeks I will assume that you should understand based on previous weeks assignments and because of the self-explanation of the assignment. The majority of the spreadsheets will have Red Cells that will convert to white when correct answers are achieved. This does not always work depending on the version of MS Excel you are using. Also the answer has to be exactly correct using Excel formulas. If you do not use formulas sometimes the cells will turn, other times they will not. Remember computers deal in absolutes 1’s and 0’s, right or wrong. The computer reads that 99.1% is different than 99.085648624% which you might get sometimes on an answer. Also there will be a counter in the upper Right hand corner, this counter will react also to correct and incorrect answers. There were some issues last semester with a couple of these exercises based on the fact that they take a lot of coding to make work. I think I have worked out the bugs but I am not certain.

Grading: The grading of these assignments will be based on the counter on the upper right hand corner and divided by the number of cells that the students had to fill in.

Deadlines: These assignments are due in the week that they are assigned. They will not be accepted as late. Please double check that you have uploaded the assignment. There have been rare occasions that Blackboard does not complete the upload when the user signs out and their assignment does not get entered. I will trust Blackboard 100% if there is no grade, the assignment is counted as a 0.

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