essay must use chicago style footnotes W r i t i n g

essay must use chicago style footnotes W r i t i n g

Primary Source mentioned in the instructions:…

There is no finite formula for a great essay, but there are a few things that can make an essay more likely to succeed. Basic writing problems need to be avoided: incomplete sentences, run-ons, spelling and syntax errors, verb-tense disagreement, and colloquial figures or patterns of speech. The importance of a clear argument—i.e. an answer to the prompt—that has an organized system of evidence from the text or from course materials cannot be overstated, given that history is a search for answers.

These are a few basic requirements that every reading response essay should follow:

1.The text must be no fewer than 750 words.

2.The essay must answer the prompt with a supported argument, based on the text.

3.The essay must demonstrate a critical engagement with the text assigned.

4.The essay should employ a concise, clear, professional writing style appropriate for a collegiate level course.

5.The essay must use Chicago style footnotes to cite its sources.

One should remember that meeting the most basic requirements for an assignment constitutes an average performance; thus, fulfilling those four items listed above merits a “C.” The key to a “B” paper is excelling in several of these categories, and an “A” demonstrates a superlative performance in a majority of these categories. Nevertheless, these are not equations for success and no amount of effort can make up for understanding and mastery of the assigned materials.

Unless otherwise assigned, these Saturday Responses papers will be due at 17:00, on the Saturday to which they are issued. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Although students are responsible for a minimum of five submissions, some may choose to complete every response; in those cases, the best five assignments will be included with the remainder excluded from the overall grade. Late work will not be accepted, nor will papers without names be accepted.

Prompt: For this week, consider the following prompt.

“Scholars have sometimes debated whether the “long twelfth century” (from around 1060-1240) was also the site of the “discovery of the individual.” For this week, reflect on the ways in which primary sources shown deep concern for personal questions; be the religious, social or intellectual in nature.”

P.S. I have updated and extended the deadline, since my internet service was down this afternoon.

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