ensure cultural relevance “. H u m a n i t i e s

ensure cultural relevance “. H u m a n i t i e s

After reading and reviewing all of the content in this lesson, describe which tool / method you believe would best fit the needs of your community.

Be specific regarding which need or issue in your community you believe the tool would best address.

What community leaders and stakeholders would you need support from in order to implement and sustain the Strengthening Families program in your community (in order to best address the identified issue).

Respond to at least two of your classmates.

Student one:

I think the community café approach would be the most beneficial to my community. I live in an apartment complex and have for the past 3 years. One thing I find different from when I lived in my parents neighborhood in a suburban neighborhood is the lack of community. Every one is much more eager to mind their business and not build a strong family community. I think this café would be beneficial in helping with security and reducing hardships. By security I do not mean a neighborhood watch. I mean creating a conversation where other residents would be able to meet their neighbors and feel better about the eight other families or individuals living in the same hallway as them. To reduce hardships I think a conversation of how we can help one another is important. There is no doubt that everyone is struggling in some way shape or form. However, they shouldn’t struggle alone when there are hundreds of people living right on top of each other. This can be something like creating a community food drive for families to go and get free groceries from. It could also be creating a network of people willing to help tutor other families kids to help them maintain good grades if they are falling behind. This could all begin by having a simple email sent out asking residents to submit conversation ideas and an address to a community center where these topics will be discussed.

Student two:

The tool I would decide upon that would fit the best needs of my community would be The Community Café Approach. One issue in my community that I’ve noticed is a lack of community and differential culture. I believe the Community Café Approach and its tools can help my local community in areas that lack. Community Café states that “Group-building traditions, customs, visuals, foods and music from the cultures represented in each café help to ensure cultural relevance”. This is something in my area that would not only be helpful and vital for the community, but also shows a sense of inclusion for those who might feel ostracized or left out of the local community. The community stakeholders and leaders I would need support from in order to make this program work is to engage the community, make things more easily accessible and attainable for those with difficulties traveling, and help from higher ups. Having support in ways of promoting the group-building tradition nights, ways to rally monetary funds to help where help is needed. I believe in the necessity of having a local community and one that everyone feels included in. Having a local center where those in need can come, regardless of age, race, religion, etc.

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