employ wounded us veterans first W r i t i n g

employ wounded us veterans first W r i t i n g

is a technique that seeks to collect a myriad of ideas about a problem
in an effort to find a unique and often innovative way of handling the
solution. It can also be a way of collecting information about a
situation or produce feedback about a particular topic. Brainstorming
works very simply with only three rules: No idea is too far fetched, all
ideas are to be accepted by the group for consideration, and the ideas
must focus on the topic presented for discussion not whether the
idea will work or not. Obviously, many ideas will be discounted later on
when constraints like budget or implementation impossibilities may
block its consideration for successful implementation. However, for the
purpose of this discussion focus only on suggesting ideas from the class material and research which will answer the topic under discussion.

What does it mean to be a manager today?

Assignment: Identifying future opportunities and markets for Easy Chairs

the past year and a half, Dwight and Ike have expanded Easy Chairs (EC)
into the Asian Market and increased their online presence to be more
globally appealing. They have also sought to keep manufacturing in the
USA. Concerns that Dwight and Ike have about opening manufacturing
operations abroad stem from their fear that the quality of the products
they make will be lesser than those produced in the US, the culture
clash may be too hard to overcome, and that the business will become too
large. It is also part of their culture to employ wounded US veterans
first. This may be hard to accomplish abroad. Additionally, EC is a
small family firm and expanding abroad would make it hard for managers
and leaders to keep that “I belong” feeling that family embodies.

and Ike want your thoughts on the subject of expanding manufacturing
operations abroad. They would like to get fresh ideas on the
subject. Using a memo format, create a no more than 2-page memo with an
answer which considers the following:

Use the following template for your memo: Memo Format


  1. By FRIDAY, complete the following:

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