emotional ?-“ religious dress codes W r i t i n g

emotional ?-“ religious dress codes W r i t i n g

(2-3 page paper) that explains the process and meaning behind the project. projects should include primary and secondary research related to your topic such as pertinent background information, theoretical analysis, related people/figures, social issues, political issues, economic issues, geographical locations, relationships between history and today, etc.

Topic: “Futurism”in Fashion Diversity (Balenciaga 2020 Fashion Show)

Intro: My research topic is the issue of fashion diversity in fashion brand . For any specific brand, its diversity of design is always a much-talked-about topic. It seems that more and more brands are hiring racially diverse runway models. After researching online, however, I come to notice that the main focus of fashion diversity should not be on runway models, nor those articles which advocate anti-racism. What we should pay attention to is the effort that a designing team has put on their design. When I look different fashion show online, the Balenciaga 2020 spring/summer and fall/winter show really catch my attention. Both show significantly showed a new step towards the diversity of fashion…….

Some useful note of the show:

– Futurism – Criticism of old ideas, preference for youth, SPPED, Power and Technology

– Excessive emphasis on shoulder line, erase gender differences under the clothing as if to hide a lot of hidden secretsWhat designers see is that young people who should be the hope of society are overindulged in plastic surgery, drugs and celebrity gossip

They are addicted only to virtual social networks and they will never be able to live without their mobile phones. Our bodies are electronic, like the text on a model’s clothes and a laptop handbag

– The ID on the chest was replaced with a mastercard

– A watch that does not show the time on the model’s wrist

– AirPods on models’ ears and headphones in their hair, does technology make people’s lives better or more emotional?

-“Religious dress codes are all about hiding the body about being ashamed- body and sex is the taboo. When you look into it, some of these people are the natiest prevents” – Demna Gvasalia

Useful video to undersrand the show:

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