either local grassroots organizations H u m a n i t i e s

either local grassroots organizations H u m a n i t i e s

You can choose one from the following: (If you have written a reflection paper on any of these topics, you cannot use the same topic for your final paper.)

Option 1.

Choose a topic that explores how sexism and male domination function in institutions globally. Examples of topics include: Women and religion, women and politics,

reproductive health, women and violence, women’s health, marriage and childrearing, the beautification industry, the sex industry, women and work, women and education, women and immigration and women and culture. For instance, if your chosen topic is women and religion, you can analyze the way sexism/male domination operates in various spaces. Compare and contrast. Discuss how women have challenged those practices. Analyze ways in which whether they were successful or not. You can also bring in intersectionality with matters of race, class and nationalism. 


Option 2.

Choose one or more women’s organizations/movements outside of the United States that are working to change the situation for women. Your paper should be an in-depth study of that organization(s) that covers its/their history, present situation(s), issues focused on, successes, failures, leadership, etc. You can compare and contrast various organizations. These organizations can be either local grassroots organizations, or established national NGOs. 

Option 3

For your final project, you will collect all of the writing you have done over the course of the semester—your Journal and all of your Reading Analysis Essays. You will read over your writing and, in a 6-8 page essay, you will reflect upon the ways in which your reading and writing skills have changed, the ways in which you were challenged by the course materials, and the ways in which your thinking has changed about your own experiences and about feminism. You will reflect upon the course objectives and discuss how much you have accomplished in light of them.

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