effectivelyread henry david thoreau H u m a n i t i e s

effectivelyread henry david thoreau H u m a n i t i e s

The next paper will be a synthesis based on an idea from an essay in A World of Ideas textbook—an essay we will not have read this semester and from healthcare administration. Based on the idea found in this essay, research what is still being thought, discussed, etc., about this topic in relation to your discipline. You need to find at least two other sources about this topic to use within your paper (that’s a total of at least 3 sources). You do not have to read the entire essay; just skim it to find AN IDEA you could jump off of in some way (for or against).

A synthesis is a paper which combines several sources to argue, review, discuss, etc. a particular topic; in other words, this is a short research paper. For your other two sources, you need to find current published sources (at least one of which should be scholarly, if not both) that relate to this topic (and perhaps could connect with your research paper topic as well!).

The point of this assignment is not only to work with incorporating several sources into a coherent presentation of ideas (which is necessary in preparation for the more lengthy research project), but also to recognize that most of the important ideas that we find in our textbook are not dead: they are still alive, still being debated (or perhaps accepted by now), still a part of the world around us, the thinking around us. And this includes the thinking in your discipline.

2. Your paper should be 3-4 typed pages (1000-1200 words for the text of your paper). Once again, use the documentation style APA

3. I would also like to see you using some rhetorical techniques we have learned this semester to strengthen your writing to clearly communicate your ideas/ your argument.

Think about the following:

specific examples

definitions of terms a reader might not know

comparisons (extended, metaphors, similes)

sentence structure/ punctuation

word choice




rhetorical questions (unanswered or answered—but use wisely and not too much)

enumeration (listing)

anaphora—definitely use this one at a place where you really want to emphasize an idea;

it can be extremely effective (usually done in three’s)

anything that helps you to communicate clearly and effectively

Read henry david thoreau- Civil Disobedience


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