*** due saturday april 17 2 H u m a n i t i e s

*** due saturday april 17 2 H u m a n i t i e s

For each answer, there is a number of words to “aim for”. Treat that as only a very rough guide. Some write excellent shorter essays. Others write excellent longer essays. You may be tempted to write longer essays, but remember you show your understanding of a subject also by knowing what to exclude as less important. All questions in this exam require substantial essay answers. Many of the questions are somewhat open-ended, leaving you with more choice how to answer. Show how much you have learned. Remember to include relevant detail and examples. Do not waste valuable time and space on sentences that do not add anything substantial to the answer.

****Please make sure the responses answer exactly what the question is asking and answer all parts of the question. The answers will be found in the readings but mainly the lecture, therefore please gather information from only from both the readings and lectures (I will attach pdfs). Please do not come up with answers on your own or from online. This is a really important assignment, so I want it to be done with proper effort, please!***

Due Saturday April 17 2:00 PM EST, so I can extend time if need be.


Part I (40 points, aim for 800 words)

Discuss democracy as a project. Outline the two dimensions of this project. Consider stages of the democratic project: waves of democratization, and the redirection of the democratic project starting in the 20th century.

Part II (20 points, aim for 400 words)

Compare and contrast the two styles of radical democracy we read about in the course. Do not forget earlier discussions of deliberative democracy. (Discuss Fung/Cohen vs. Unger for radical democracy) (Discuss Elkin for deliberative democracy)

Part III (20 points, aim for 400 words)

Compare and contrast Mueller’s and Boyte’s conceptions of populism.

Part IV (20 points, aim for 400 words)

Outline Elkin’s critique of deliberative democrats. What does it mean to think constitutionally? (Answer is mentioned in lecture pdf)

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