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dossier .”**** file formatyou may compile H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Capstone 1 Final Project

Due Date: Dec 14, 11:59 PM

In assignment 4B, you chose one of your PICO(T) statements as the frontrunner to the issue you will tackle in your Capstones and eventually execute in your culminating project. You have also completed several assignments related to your topic to help you get this far. The final project in Capstone 1 asks you to compile a dossier of documents. This dossier will contain several assignments from this semester. Some documents may be fine as they are, some may require you to make some corrections.

Dossier Instructions:

****If you did not complete the assignment during the semester, you will NOT receive points for creating it now and adding it ( I will go back in the grade book and check)….these were assignments to be completed during the semester. The only changes allowed will be specified under “contents of the dossier.”****

File format

You may compile your documents into either ONE Word file or ONE pdf. Put each major section on a separate page.

Contents of the Dossier (100 pts)

  • Title page (5 pts)
    • Capstone 1 Final Project
    • Your Name
    • Your Email
    • Your Topic of Interest for Capstone
    • Your Orcid ID
  • NIH BioSketch (10 pts)
  • The PICO(T) Statement that you chose in assignment 4B AND the answers to assignment 4A that pertain to that PICO(T) statement. (15pts)
    • The geographic location you plan to execute the research for the PICO(T) statement.
  • ***If I made a comment to you in the gradebook that your PICO(T) statement should be more concise and to the point, you may amend it to reflect that***
  • The cultural/religious practices from Discussion board 3 on your topic. (10 pts)
    • Write a short synopsis of the practices/beliefs that may affect your topic
    • Cite the reference(s) you used (either the reference to the journal article or the website link to a factsheet)
  • Discussion board 4A (10 pts)
    • Write a synopsis of the misinterpretation you discussed in discussion board 4A
    • Cite the link to the newspaper article or website where you found the misinformation
  • Literature Searching (10 pts)
    • List the search terms that gave you the best results in pubmed
    • Provide a list of the 5 best results from your pubmed search using those terms (List them in APA format…remember how I showed you to get the APA citation format from Google Scholar)
  • SMART goals/objectives (20 pts)
    • Go back to the SMART goals assignment. Look at what you wrote and see if it applies to your chosen PICO(T) statement. If it does, fantastic. Paste it into your dossier. If it does not, write one that does match your PICO(T).
  • ***If you were missing anything on your smart objective, I made comments in the assignment you uploaded. You should see a word bubble comment box if I did. For example, Some people wrote a not so smart goal, but did not conclude with a smart goal.***
  • ***You may submit up to two smart objectives/goals. Some of you submitted several…remember we are trying to take a broad topic and narrow it down in to a more manageable research project.***
  • SWOT analysis (20 pts)
  • Early in the semester you did a SWOT for your perceived project. Now that you have narrowed your focus down using the PICO(T) statement. Go back to your SWOT and modify it as needed to reflect your PICO(T). You now have more knowledge of the current literature, the cultural or religious beliefs/practices that may affect your SWOT, and various .ORGS, public health campaigns/initiatives, that may be able to offer support or partnership…which could also affect your SWOT.

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