discussion choose another foreign language short film W r i t i n g

discussion choose another foreign language short film W r i t i n g

World Cinema (Discussion)

You will watch  2 Crash Course videos about World Cinema and the Short Foreign Language Film , Devi.(make sure you click on CC for the closed captions, or subtitles)

Crash Course – Film History:  World Cinema Part 1

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Crash Course – Film History:  World Cinema Part 2

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PART A: Discussion

First, you will answer these two questions about Devi:

1. How did this film’s approach to storytelling differ from those of American cinema?

2. What was your takeaway from the film?

PART B: Discussion

Choose another Foreign Language Short Film from another country or region across the globe (20 minutes or less). Watch the film. Post a link to the film. Then, answer the following questions:

1. What was ONE major difference between this film and American cinema? Style? Culture? Camera techniques? Quality? Subject matter? Talk about that.

2. What is ONE similarity between this film and American cinema?

3. What drew you to this film?

Part C: Foreign Films (Journal)

1.Have you ever seen a feature-length foreign film before? What foreign film(s) have you previously seen?

2. How would you classify the GENRE of this film? (Remember you could use a hybrid)

3. Choose 1 SPECIFIC examples in the film where the CINEMATOGRAPHY really helped tell the story. (Make sure you are using the camera shot, composition, etc. terminology that we have learned)

4. Choose 1 SPECIFIC examples of MISE EN SCENE. (Costume, props, set, lights, sound, etc., remember this is not about acting)

5. What is the best moment you saw of “SHOW, DON’T TELL”? (Remember, this is not acting – but a moment where the camera moved to show you something significant to the story.) What are your thoughts about the film’s use of montage?

6. What do you think this film was trying to say? How well do you believe it conveyed its message?

7. Overall thoughts? Anything else noteworthy? (Now you can talk about the acting if you wish.) Do you have a new appreciation for Foreign Films? If so, why? If not, why not?

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