discussion 5 meghnad bhowmick st thomas university nur505 prof H e a l t h M e d i c a l

discussion 5 meghnad bhowmick st thomas university nur505 prof H e a l t h M e d i c a l

  • Discussion 5

Meghnad Bhowmick

St Thomas University


Prof.Dr.Jesuca, F

In this productive discussion, I would like to explain my answer solely as follow

  1. Question: Describe the Korean cultural practice tae-kyo. Is this practice congruent with allopathic recommendations for prenatal care?

According to Korean traditional culture, when a Korean female has got pregnant, she is used to complying with Tae-kyo, consisting of a range of prenatal care rituals for mother and infant and behavioral taboos. In their Koren culture, Tae-kyo is a typical prenatal self-care set, which primarily begins from being organized as a parent even earlier than conception. It has been located by way of many childbearing ladies in Korean culture. Sajudang Lee’s Tae-kyo Singi, written in 1801, has been referred to as the book of originality associated with Tae-kyo practices. It described Tae-kyo’s philosophy and principles, which blanketed childbearing women’s precise ideas for behaviors and attitudes at some point of their pregnancy. Tae-kyo Singi claimed that Tae-kyo practices create the first-class environment for the ideal development of a fetus’ physical and emotional development as correctly as healthy growth. Thus, many Korean parents wish to transmit the recommended outcomes of Tae-kyo practices to their kids when they turn out to be pregnant. In gazing Tae-kyo, a Korean female recognizes stunning matters in lifestyles and avoids some types of taboos. From Tae-kyo, she is instructed that if she handles unclean things or kills a living creature, difficult childbirth or other family misfortunes may occur. The Korean Tae-kyo agrees with recommendations on prenatal care for the mother and her fetus. Like the current desires on prenatal care, the practices create a better environment for the fetus’ physical and psychological development and healthy growth.

  1. Question: How do food choices among Koreans differ with pregnancy and postpartum?

According to the survey conducted on Korean pregnant women. The childbearing female said they restricted those foods traditionally believed to cause health troubles, such as octopus and duck. They also like to avoid that food that unpleasant appearance, for example, strawberries. They believe those kinds of food have a horrific impact on fetal development and growth. In the cutting-edge days, the Koreans vicinity emphasis the meals pick throughout pregnancy. Examples of meal pick for Koreans include; Job tears, also known as yulmu. They are acknowledged to be advisable after giving start as it discharges useless fluids like lochia alba from the body and helps minimize unnecessary swelling. The ‘Mung beans’ which are recognized to have a bloodless attribute and hinders digestion. Mung beans are additionally recognized to burn the fetus’s fats, and if ate up in massive portions, it can motive a miscarriage. Another instance is the Red beans (Pat in Korean), making the complete body’s hormones active. However, it can reason oxytocin activity due to the hormone hypersecretion.

  1. Describe cultural attitudes toward drinking among Koreans.

The way of consuming alcohol signifies the characters of every society. Because of this, alcoholic drinks are referred to as ‘foods of society.’
The consuming lifestyle in Korea was once characterized by using greater social consumption than by means of consuming on my own at home. The ingesting conduct used to be regularly one-shot at a time as a substitute than consuming a little sip. The practices of collective consumption need to be expanded to keep away from secondary unsafe effects. South Korea’s consuming lifestyle exhibits a great deal about its social structure, lifestyle, and traditions. Upon the new year, Korean ancestors bump off Soju to force out sickness and horrific spirits, the phrase ‘Soju’ that means a welcoming spring. Among them is a traditional manner of ingesting tradition referred to as ‘Hyanguemjurye’.

  1. Identify two or three culturally congruent strategies a healthcare provider might use to address Jay’s drinking.

A healthcare issuer can use the following culturally congruent techniques to tackle Jay’s consuming problem;
Learning about Jay’s Korean Culture and what it says about investing can be an excellent method to tackle the situation.
Recommend Jay to attend a Culturally Diverse Support group. Support corporations are a way for human beings with a frequent journey to assist every different and examine from every other. There are guide organizations for human beings with any journey of intellectual sickness or substance use, aid corporations for humans with a unique diagnosis, assist agencies for household participants and friends, and more.


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