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Assignment Purpose and Objectives: This Argument/Persuasion Paper asks you to join a discussion about a topic of contemporary concern in society (vaccine mandates, for example, or requiring governments and businesses to address climate change in specific ways). The assignment provides you the opportunity to examine and practice one of two argument strategies— the Toulmin or Rogerian methods—that you will likely employ in your academic and professional careers. Your purpose is to engage your readers to think seriously about a debatable issue. This assignment will also help prepare you for the longer research paper you will do in COMM 1312 by having you work with sources and the perspectives of others.

Assignment Directions:

Select a topic of concern to contemporary society and write an argument using either the Toulmin or Rogerian methods we discussed in class. Here are the basic formats we discussed. I will also provide additional format options for both methods in a separate document.Toulmin (Chapter 17, p. 313 from The College Writer): Introduction (claim, qualifiers), Support (evidence), Warrant (explanation of your position), Backing (further support), Conditions of Rebuttal (anticipating and addressing possible objections), Conclusion.Rogerian (Chapter 17, p. 314 from The College Writer): Introduction (identifying various positions; at least two), Contexts (additional information reader will need on the topic), Writer’s Position (where you stand and why), Conclusion (common ground/compromise/benefits to opponents).

Identify and Research various positions held regarding your topic. This research can come from a credible general interest newspaper, magazine, journal or website. At least two sources will need to be included. Sources will need to be “directly” quoted within your paper (quotation marks around the words from the source). No parenthetical citations without quotation marks will be accepted.

  1. Write an essay that adheres to the structure and practice of the method you have selected. Your essay should include the following: An Introduction using the form of your chosen argument method; Body paragraphs that follow the form and address the prompts of your argument method; and a Conclusion that highlights your argument in the form used by your selected method.

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