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– 1 slide of ‘Step by step PR planning and execution process’

– 2-3 pages 1.5 spaced on ‘Step by step PR planning and execution process’ include a bibliography (Harvard reference)

Kindly noted that as this is a group project and we have yet come out with the campaign idea.

Client Brief

Overview of the Brief

You and your team need to form a PR agency to pitch for a potential piece of business from the client, Workforce Singapore or WSG. In formulating your agency, you will need to provide a background with the company name, logo and area of expertise and identity. You may fabricate skillsets the team members have to elevate the credibility of the agency.

The Client

Workforce Singapore (WSG)

Workforce Singapore (WSG) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). It oversees the transformation of the local workforce and industry to meet ongoing economic challenges.

WSG promotes the development, competitiveness, inclusiveness, and employability of all levels of the workforce. This will ensure that all sectors of the economy are supported by a strong, inclusive Singaporean core.

While its key focus is to help workers meet their career aspirations and secure quality jobs at different stages of life, WSG will also address the needs of business owners and companies by providing support to enable manpower-lean enterprises to remain competitive. It will help businesses in different economic sectors create quality jobs, develop a manpower pipeline to support industry growth, and match the right people to the right jobs.

(adapted from Workforce Singapore website)

The Brief

WSG is keen to promote a series of Lifelong Learning programmes during the period of 1st Jan to 31st March 2021. In line with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, WSG hopes to encourage the current workforce to upgrade their skillsets based on new labour demands and the changing economy. This is to ensure that Singaporeans can maintain employability and continue to contribute to the recovery of the weakened economy.

The programme is specially aimed at a primary audience (retrenched workers) and secondary audience (employed workers looking for a change), aged 35 onwards.

As an agency, you must provide the following deliverables with the above brief in mind:

  • Develop a theme to encapsulate the campaign and its focus.
  • Craft key objectives according to the requirements and target audience of the campaign.
  • Present a full-fledged PR campaign learnt in the module, with meticulous attention to detail.

Note: You must demonstrate the ability to understand the business context before the PR context can be applied. PR strategy must support the business strategy; this demonstrates how PR can gain a seat at the top table.

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