differences among people based upon shared ideology H e a l t h M e d i c a l

differences among people based upon shared ideology H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Cultural diversity refers to the differences among people based upon shared ideology and
shared valued sets of beliefs, norms, customs, and meanings evidenced in a way of life.
This diversity is expressed in many ways. Diversity in history, beliefs, practices, and
opportunities not only exist among the many cultural groups, they typically exist across a
wide continuum within the group. Health behaviors are influenced by culture and cultural
values as well as socioeconomic status.
In this assignment, students will develop a health promotion project for a cultural group
living anywhere in the United States. You are to learn as much as you can about the
culture norms and patterns and how these norms and patterns influence health practices.
The purpose of this assignment is to develop a deeper understanding and sensitivity
regarding the role of culture in patients’ lives and in nursing through the examination of a
cultural/ethnic group while addressing health promotion strategies and disease
The project should address the following Aspects of Cultural Assessment:
1. Ethnic/racial identity: How does the group identify itself in terms ethnicity and racial
background? What is the range of interaction outside of the cultural group? Are
recreational, educational, and other social activities within the ethnic reference
group, the wider community, or both?
2. History and Value Orientation: How are values derived? What is the historical
experience of the group that may have impacted values?
3. Language-communication process: What is the primary spoken language? What
languages are spoken in the home? And by whom? What language is preferred
when speaking to outsiders? Do second and third generations in the speak the
language of their grandparents?
4. Health Beliefs and Practices: What are the traditional health beliefs? How common
are these beliefs and practices within this group? To what extent are folk healing
practices and practitioners used?

Religious Belief and Spirituality: Discuss religious articles & practices. How is
spirituality is defined in the culture? Remember that Religious Beliefs and Spirituality
are different concepts.
6. Lifecycle events: Which life cycle events are important to the culture? What are the
customs associated with births, coming of age, marriage, and death?
7. Nutritional Behavior/Diet: Are there restrictions? Are there common practices?
8. Medical health care access and experience: Is access to care and equality of care
an issue for this group? For example, are group members less likely to receive
needed care due to system issues such as financial access or provider biases than
another group?
Based on the Cultural Assessment Data, the group will design a Cultural Health
Promotion Plan:
9. Cultural Health Promotion Plan: Identify a health risk or health problem the project
will address. Describe why this is an issue for your chosen target group and how
cultural plays a role in the health risk or problem.
10.Health Promotion Strategies/Methods: Based on the health risk/problem identified,
describe the strategies/methods that you will implement. Focus on primary and
secondary prevention strategies. Refer to Healthy People 2020 Topics and
Objectives. You may access the website at: https://
11.Project Evaluation Methods: State the outcomes you expect to achieve. State how
you will measure/assess the effectiveness of the project.

The paper is limited to a MAXIMUM of Ten (10) pages (including the title page and
references pages; NO Abstract is needed for this assignment). Do not exceed the
ten-page limit as only ten pages will be read and graded. The paper must be doublespaced using Font Size 12 (including the reference page).
In addition to the paper, the group will prepare a presentation. You may use a presentation style of your
choice, i.e.. PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. Presentations are limited to 30 minutes.

For PowerPoint we need 4 slides for each student ( 5 students) + references

WE choose LATINO/HISPANIC AMERICANCE and Diabetes Mellitus as our health problem!!!!

You have to use the research articles not older then 5 years!!!! and the book , which I sent to you.

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