develop power point presentations H u m a n i t i e s

develop power point presentations H u m a n i t i e s

Minorities constitute a disproportionate share of the disability community and have a unique set of needs in addition to those experienced by other people with disabilities. When it comes to employment, many minority persons with disabilities face discrimination on the basis of both minority status and disability.

Students will work to develop power point presentations (10 slides or less) to submit for an in-class virtual conference focusing on discrimination in the areas of employment often faced by minorities with disabilities. The body of your presentation should reflect fully on the Empowerment and the Employment of Minorities with Disabilities. A draft copy/outline of your PPT should be submitted to me via email by 10/26 for review/discussion/feedback.

Your PPT presentation should further summarize the topic in an effort to teach lay persons. On presentation day, our class session will function as our in class virtual conference, with student presenters serving as subject matter experts and answering questions as their peers listen intently and ask questions on the presented topic.

Presenters will also collect viewer feedback on their work as PPT slides should include the following content for feedback and discussion (see rubric for additional requirements):

1. Explanation of why minority persons with disabilities are more at risk, have fewer personal and family resources, have less knowledge and understanding of externally available resources

2. Explanation on whether or not you think more research is needed on issues related to minority persons with disabilities and why.

3. Explanation of the need for professional diversity and multicultural sensitivity in the field of rehabilitation.

4. Explanation of the need for outreach and marketing efforts to ensure the participation of minority persons with disabilities in the mainstream of their communities.

5. What can be done to make education a key factor for minority persons with disabilities in achieving success?

6. Description of your topic and the primary source(s) you examined (books, journals, articles, websites, personal blogs,etc). Remember to provide URLs for all sites listed.

7. Explanation of issues or questions for analysis: What did you hope to learn about your topic?

If you are having difficulty devising an approach to the assignment or you want feedback on your ideas-in-progress, visit my office hours or email me to arrange an appointment.

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