decoding “ cultural myth ” according H u m a n i t i e s

decoding “ cultural myth ” according H u m a n i t i e s

1. Explain what happened to the U.S. after the abolition of slavery, according to Loewen. Include Marx’s term, “superstructure” when explaining it.

2. What does Lorber say about professional sports and gender?

3. You are looking at a photo by Chris Buck, called “Let’s Talk About Race” (2017). This photo is the sharp critic of the world we live in today. Write a 15-30 sentence PEAR paragraph.

on this photo to address the issue (cultural myth: the meta-language/ideology) it is trying to address. Make sure to analyze the details of the content.

4. How does one’s body become gendered, according to Lorber?

Group of answer choices

A. Gendered bodies emerge through social order, because gender difference is embedded to the social division of labor and reproduction.

B. Gendered bodies emerge through the arbitrary relationship between the language and the object.

C. Gendered bodies emerge through biological differences between men and women.

D. Gendered bodies emerge through language, when it is properly mapped in people’s brain as part of the conceptual map.

5. What is the benefit of decoding “cultural myth” according to Hall?

Group of answer choices

A.By referring to myth, one can analyze deeper into images and their hidden meanings and ideologies.

B.The analysis of myth allows to us to decode intentional approach to culture and representation.

C. The myth is the fabrication of meaning, connect two things that are completely irrelevant to each other. Analysis of such myth allows us to see the randomness of the world.

D. This allows one to analyze the first-tier signification process how sing is created by the signifier and the signified.

6.How is ideology defined by Marx and Engels?

Group of answer choices

A.It is the intellectual force owned and led by the ruling class, because it is their dominant material force that brings on the new ideas.

B.It is the intellectual force clearly adhered to by the ruling class. Therefore it makes working-class people aware that there is indeed a severe class divide.

C.It is the intellectual force that provided new opportunities to the working-class to obtain education, which the society needed the most at that time.

D.It is the passive labor that the ruling class do in order to maintain their dominance over the working class people.

7.Who wrote the following passage? Write down the name of the article or book (2 points) and the name of the author/authors (3 points).

“Mutual recognition of racism, its impact both on those who are dominated and those who dominate, is the only standpoint that makes possible an encounter between races that is not based on denial and fantasy. For it is the ever present reality of racist domination, of white supremacy, that renders problematic the desire of white people to have contact with Other. Often it is this reality that is most masked when representations of contact between white and non-white, white and black, appear in mass culture.”

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