Dear Abby Advice:My husband and I divorced recently, and it’s

Dear Abby Advice:,My husband and I divorced recently, and it’s been hard to keep on top of my job since my ex-husband moved out of state last month. I’ve always been a working mom, but now I’m also a single parent. I’m not sure what other changes to expect as I adjust to my new life. What are some challenges my two kids and I are likely to experience over the coming years?,Sincerely,,Future Expectations ,,As you respond to this situation, think about why you are giving the advice you are giving. Are you, for example, approaching this from the perspective of someone who’s been through something similar, as a man or a woman, as if this is a good thing or a bad thing, etc.? For instance, if you’ve been through a divorce and are happy to be out of a negative situation you might see this situation in a completely different way from someone who is single and having a difficult time juggling work, kids, etc.? ,,YOU SHOULD APPROCH THIS AS A PERSON THAT HAS NEVER BEEN IN A SITUACION LIKE THIS. ,One citation required. Thank you