day free trial required ): broadwayhd H u m a n i t i e s

day free trial required ): broadwayhd H u m a n i t i e s

For this paper you will need to choose a cultural event to watch virtually, and write a one- to two-page reaction paper. Below is a list of professional and collegiate-level options to choose from.

There are lots of different options available. Try to pick something new that interests you, and take this opportunity to expand your experiences.

However, you DO need to include the title of the event, web link, etc. on your Works Cited page at the end of the paper! Please see the handout on How to Cite Sources for information on formatting the Works Cited page.

If you choose to view a music concert or dance performance, here are your paper options:

  1. Choose two pieces from the program and describe how they made you feel. Make sure to include the title of the works and the composer or choreographer. Try to be specific about what it was in the music or dance that make you feel that way, and if possible use terms that we have discussed in class.
  2. Choose a type of music or dance that you have no experience with. Before attending, write a single paragraph describing what you think it will be like from your current knowledge. Then, after the performance, describe your actual experience. How did the performance reinforce or change the way you perceive this type of music or dance?

If you choose to view a play, opera, or piece of musical theatre, here are your options:

  1. Describe how this production created a new atmosphere within the theatre. How did the set(s), costumes, and scenes bring the audience into a new environment? Were these strategies effective, and why or why not?
  2. Analyze the performance and tell me what you think the meaning or moral of the work is. Use specific examples of scenes or actions to support your thesis.

List of Free Virtual Performances

NOTE: You may be required to register for a site in order to view the performance.

Daily Streaming Opera Performances:

The Metropolitan Opera – click here for schedule

A Contemporary Version of a Greek Play with Music and Discussion:

Antigone in Ferguson (Links to an external site.)

Weekly Links to Live and On-Demand Plays and Musicals:

California Shakespeare Company (Links to an external site.)

Classical Music Live-Streamed Concerts, July 7, 9, or 11:

Mimir Chamber Music Festival: schedule and details here (Links to an external site.)
Watch here (Links to an external site.) (YouTube channel)

Plays and Musicals on Demand (7-day free trial required):

BroadwayHD (Links to an external site.)

Big List of Live-Streamed Classical Concerts and Videos in July:

Philharmonic Society (Links to an external site.)

Classical Music and Opera Live Streams and Videos:

Classic FM (Links to an external site.)

Free Live Stream Plays and Musicals in July:


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