data collection steps adequately clarified H u m a n i t i e s

data collection steps adequately clarified H u m a n i t i e s

Research Proposal Checklist

List of Questions for Undergraduate-Level Research Proposal

Is the problem or research question clearly identified? Is the basic research problem well formulated, or is it poorly and vaguely structured? Is it stated in a few clear sentences?

Has the area of concern regarding the problem been identified; i.e. has the need that exists to research the problem been clarified?

Does the literature review provide an adequate theoretical framework for the study? Have relevant sources been used to identify the problem?

  1. Is the literature review oriented to identify the background and rationale for the problem, or it is just a perfunctory list of authors and quotes?
  2. Does the literature review utilize a minimum of ten scholarly (academic) sources?
  3. Has a suitable hypothesis(es) been formulated (quantitative research), or has a suitable research purpose (qualitative research) been stated?
  4. Have the variables in the hypotheses been operationally defined (quantitative research)? Have the key concept(s) of the study been defined in an acceptable manner (qualitative research)?
  5. Have been established objectives for the study? e.g.: What will be obtained as outcome? How will the results be used?
  6. Is the project and research design well structured and outlined, or is it poorly articulated?
  7. Has the research methodology been clearly defined? Would anyone with general knowledge of research methods be able to identify what type of study is this?
  8. Is there a clear correspondence between the stated aims of the research and the chosen methodology?
  9. Have the measurement procedures and/or instruments to be used been identified (quantitative research)? Have the data-gathering procedures and/or qualitative instruments to be used been identified?
  10. Have the sampling methodology and data collection steps adequately clarified?
  11. Is there an indication about how the data will be analyzed, either quantitative or qualitative or both? Are these procedures appropriate to the aims of the research?

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