data analytics support internal ob effectiveness B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

data analytics support internal ob effectiveness B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Please see last semester’s discussion with prior Head of Total Employee Experience at Amazon, Matt Willden:

Please write an original post per the below guidelines. You must also select two discussion posts from one other class member and offer comments on the others’ posts. To enable time to review and comment on others’ posts original posts are due by midnight Friday. Access to the discussion board continues until a sharp close at midnight Sunday night. Original posts made after Friday are subject to a two-point penalty per day (i.e., -2pts Sat., -4pts Sun, and grade of zero after Sun. midnight).

Some optional questions to stimulate your original discussion post include:

  1. What are moments that matter at Amazon and how can they play into effective people practices?
  2. Discuss why Jeff Bezos says “averages are lazy” and how can this concept play into effective OB practices?
  3. In what ways is customer centricity important from an OB / people practices perspective?
  4. How can data analytics support internal OB effectiveness?
  5. Discuss how prior experiences from another discipline can be applied in an effect different career (i.e., Wilden’s horticultural experience example).
  6. In what ways does this Amazon example help us put the “analysis” in this course called “Organizational Behavior and Analysis?”
  7. What else can we learn from this industry discussion?

The rubric for the discussion board assignment is broken into four parts.

  1. Educational Quality – This looks at the engaging quality of the post, how well thinking is stimulated, effect illustrations concepts, and/or additional resources leveraged to present perspective. keep in mind, you are the educator in a discussion post context.
  2. Writing – This factors in the quality and organization writing. Should be appropriate in form and function for a graduate course. It should feature a brief introduction (aimed to hook the reader), body/theme paragraphs (2-5 content rich paragraphs on relevant themes), and a conclusion that synthesizes and presents the so what of the post.
  3. Content – This looks at the adeptness at using the theoretical tools and depth of understanding of the content covered.
  4. Comments on other’s Posts – Engagement is further enhance when thoughtful comments are shared across the group. In a learning context, “thoughtful comments” does not necessarily mean agreement. Respect disagreement can be a source of thought stimulation, which is encouraged.

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