dance critic deborah jowitt says H u m a n i t i e s

dance critic deborah jowitt says H u m a n i t i e s

In a Word doc, write an 800-1000 word essay

And filled out the Four Guidelines for Dance Analysis worksheet (In the file)

  1. Describe: Describe the video, including observations you noted in each of the four categories on your Four Guidelines for Dance Analysis worksheet. Be sure to address:
    • Situation and Surroundings (Where was it? What was it? When was it?)
    • Historical and Societal Context (Who was performing and what is their history? )
    • Narrative and Intention (What is the purpose of this piece?)
    • Movement (What did you see the dancers doing?)

2. Analyze:

    • Draw 2-3 connections between the “4 Guidelines” quadrants. For example, how does the intention of the work relate to the context of the performance? How does the movement relate to the historical context?
    • Next, choose 1-2 of the observations you’ve just made and discuss them more fully. What do you think about what you’ve observed? What is interesting about what you have noticed? For example, what values (ethical, religious, political, social) does the dancing reinforce? Relate your observations to the ideas we’ve discussed in class or to the readings.

3. Revision: Once you have completed your analysis, go back and revise your opening description so that it emphasizes the points you made. Consider what dance critic Deborah Jowitt says in her essay, Beyond Description: Writing Beneath the Surface.View in a new window (In the file)

Description at its best is not simply about surface. It hints at what lurks within a work. It links images through imaginative wordplay. The patterns of language can echo the rhythms and the impetus of dancing, as well as the responses of the spectators” (9).

4. Conclusion and Personal response: Add any final observations, and include your personal thoughts and responses to the dancing you saw. Was your response to the dancing positive? Negative? Neutral? Something else? Be sure to give specific reasons why you responded the way you did.

Video link:

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