“ cultural sensitivity ” – describe W r i t i n g

“ cultural sensitivity ” – describe W r i t i n g

The final project should range from 10-15 pages. Students will provide answers to the following questions:

Which career development theory are you using as the foundation for your program?

What are the goals of the program, and what methods (interventions, activities, structures) will use to meet the goals of the program?

How is your program sensitive and responsive to the unique concerns of the population you are serving? In other words, don’t just describe a generic program and throw in some adjectives about “cultural sensitivity” – describe HOW the program is culturally sensitive, targeted for the group or culture that you have selected. Finally, discuss the expected outcomes of your program – how will participants be different after they participate in your program?

Student projects will be assigned points on the following criteria:

A population in the workplace is clearly identified.

Career, educational, and other specific concerns for this population are accurately described and appropriately referenced.

The goals of the career development program are clear and make sense for the population identified earlier in the semester (e.g., the program is not conducting retirement planning groups for middle school students, etc.).

Program methods/activities specifically connect to the career development theory chosen.

The program design attends to the career concerns and specific challenges that were identified for the population in the Literature Review.

The submission clearly identifies the expected outcomes of the program (how participants will be different from when they began the program) and how outcomes fit with the program methods (E.g. participants will be able to …. will have accomplished…. will demonstrate the following competencies…).

The submission includes references cited in APA 7th edition format.

The submission is organized & includes an introduction, multiple descriptive headings, and a summary/conclusion.

The submission demonstrates attention to grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, and noun/verb agreement.

Submit your paper in APA 7th edition style that contains a cover page, the text of your report, and a references page. Your paper should total at least 10 pages in length. Please refer to the Purdue OWL APA website for writing resources as well as the Yuja Videos (weeks 13 to 15) for more information. This assignment is worth 250 points total and is due: Thursday, December 3.

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