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The purpose of this assignment is to get you started on crafting a successful marketing plan. You will be writing the marketing plan in a series of five drafts, each incorporating different sections of the plan. You will receive feedback on each draft, and finally you will compile all of the revised drafts into a single document, add a few critical elements (Executive Summary, Expected Results, and References) and your plan will be complete.

There are two parts to this assignment:

Part 1:

  • Choose a subject for your marketing plan that is directly related to the health care industry. You might choose a new product (a new replacement joint), a new service (TAVR non-invasive heart valve replacement), or a new business (a consulting firm to guide employers through the Affordable Care Act changes).Please do not feel limited by these examples, but do select a subject that is clearly health care-related.
  • Write a brief (1 or 2 paragraph) mission statement that answers the question “what business are we in?” It should identify a specific market or markets you intend to serve, and the benefits you believe are sought by those consumers.

Part 2:

  • Conduct secondary research to locate the information necessary for the Situation & Competitive Analysis of your marketing plan. Be sure also to explore government resources like the U.S. Census Bureau, non-governmental sources such as Pew Research and Nielsen, and trade associations like the American Hospital Association. It would not be unusual to use 15-20 credible sources in writing a Situation & Competitive Analysis.
  • Write a 2-3 page analysis of the environment within which your product, service or business will be marketed. Please address all of these topics, citing facts and sources:
    • Political/legal factors
    • Economic factors
    • Social and cultural factors
    • Technology factors
    • Competitive factors

Please combine all sections of this draft (Mission, plus Situation & Competitive Analysis) into a single document, following citation of sources.

Points Possible: 30 (Level 2 Writing)

15 points = breadth and credibility of research sources

10 points = appropriate analysis and applied judgment in commentary on data from the research sources

5 points = utilization of writing guidelines

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