cruz december 8 2021 pol science one everyone knows H u m a n i t i e s

cruz december 8 2021 pol science one everyone knows H u m a n i t i e s


Respond to the postings of a least two other students, one from each of the two groups. What are the strengths and shortcomings of the other students’ arguments? How could their arguments be strengthened?

1st peer response:

Daisy Martinez -Cruz

December 8 2021

POL Science one

Everyone knows the history of the United States, we were thought this in high school. We know how poorly minorities were treated especially African Americans. In a developing country African Americans were killed, slaved, and raped. White Supremacist believed this was okay for awhile, because African Americans were seen as less than, less than a human even less than a pet. White individuals had many auctions to buy slaves, to put them to work and enslave them. 

So when it comes to deciding if American Slaves should receive reparations, I believe that they should. Through so many years that they were treated poorly, even if they weren’t slaves. It all revolved around racism. The United States wanted to keep a certain ethnic group as a superior and minorities as inferior. I believe that slavery reparations should be paid by individuals who were apart of slavery and that includes the government. The government should pay them. “All men are created equal” that’s what the Declaration of independence indicates, and in that era it wasn’t shown. All men whether it’s different ethnic group, race or gender should be created equal. 

Former slaves if anything helped shaped the United States by becoming a forcible economic power, and in. return the United States gave slaves nothing, instead they were given abusive anglos families to work for them, without pay. In that era it was different, but regardless they were doing a lot, even raising the children of the anglo families. They were stripped of wages, freedom, property, and their civil rights. After slavery was illegal due to the ratification of the civil right, the 13th amendment, many free slaves were still treated poorly and still being killed, without the safety of the government. 

The benefits of these reparations from the government would be beneficial to compensate Black Americans and their ancestors today. It benefits for the wages lost, the suffering, and their freedom. So yes I do believe that descendants of American slaves should receive reparations. 

https:// (Links to an external site.).

Ray, R., & Perry, A. M. (2021, March 4). Why we need reparations for Black Americans. Brookings. Retrieved December 12, 2021, from https:// (Links to an external site.).


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