critically evaluate others ’ reasoning W r i t i n g

critically evaluate others ’ reasoning W r i t i n g

PDF included ….write a typed, double-spaced essay that answers the question, “How strong an argument have the individuals on this side of the debate provided?” (Note: here I am using argument in the more general sense—a group of statements, one or more of which [the reasons] are used to support or provide evidence for another [the conclusion.]) Assume that your audience is a reader who is interested in your analysis and evaluation of this reasoning because she knows you have special skills in critical thinking. Your primary purpose is a communication of your analysis and evaluation of the arguments that have been presented such that the reader can say, “Wow, you sure have learned how to critically evaluate others’ reasoning in an effective way.”

Be sure to make clear which arguments seem strongest and weakest, given the application of your critical thinking skills and your own personal values. In writing your essay, be sure to apply the critical thinking skills and dispositions that you have learned this semester. Feel free to seek out additional information on the topic that might help you do a good job in your analysis and evaluation.

You should construct your own organization of your paper. The reasoning structure should NOT be in outline, or list, form. You should reveal your awareness of the most important reasoning structure through your essay. I encourage you to “cluster” or “group” ideas where appropriate and also to frequently support your points with examples and explanations. A successful strategy commonly used in the past has been to carefully evaluate each of the most central reasons used by the arguers and then draw a conclusion about the strength or weakness of the reason. Be sure to cite strengths, as well as weaknesses!

You can also assume that when you use a common abstract value name, the reader will know to what you are referring and thus you will not need to provide its general definition, but you should make very clear how the values are reflected in the reasoning in these particular arguments.


Papers should follow APA 6th and be double-spaced, font size of 12, margins of one inch all around. Times New Roman font

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