Creative Paper: The purpose of this paper is to test your

Creative Paper: The purpose of this paper is to test your knowledge of the array of,psychological disorders, assessments, treatments and the importance of context in,disorders. It is intended to be a CREATIVE assignment that allows you to more fully,understand psychological disorders. The paper should be a 4-6 pages double-spaced,(12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins) paper and citations should be in APA style. NOTE: The paper must be on ONE of the following topics: 75 points, ,Option A:,Choose any fictional character that you believe may have a psychological disorder(s).,Provide a brief summary of the character and the movie, book, show, etc. from which,the character came. Write about the psychological disorder or disorders you believe,s/he has and give reasons for your diagnosis. Why does s/he fit the DSM 5 criteria?,Give specific examples from the movie, show, or book in order to support your claims.,Additionally, explain contextual factors in the development of the disorder and how the,disorder impacts those contextual factors. Why do you think the character developed,these symptoms? Family issues? Lack of support from friends and family? Also, include,treatments you would recommend to alleviate his/her symptoms. Show critical thinking,about diagnoses and contextual factors in the development of such disorders. Do not,use any of the characters given as examples during class lectures.