court regarding state constitutional matters H u m a n i t i e s

court regarding state constitutional matters H u m a n i t i e s


In question #1, be sure you identify the primary reason which triggered the recount and then go on to explain why the voters were confused and why that became one of the issues presented in court litigation.

Question #2 is cleverly illustrated by rapid-fire editing of meetings of the Christopher and Baker teams.  Pay particular attention to those scenes in the video.

For Question #3, be specific about Katherine Harris’ duties in her elected political position and what major decision was in her hands. 

Question #4 needs to have the reason why both teams of lawyers were convinced the US Supreme Court would not hear the case.  It had to do with a long-standing tradition in the Court regarding state constitutional matters.  It is an important point because its implicates the conflicts of interest members of the Supreme Court had and their bias towards Bush.   

Question #5 is complicated and you need to listen closely to the video or dig deeply into some outside research to come up with an accurate answer.  It is a decision by the Court which the members never discussed and has gone down as one of the worst decisions ever taken by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Number 6 is up to you and please reflect on it carefully.  Since Bush v. Gore we have had another election with a discrepancy between the popular vote and the Electoral College and an election which called into account outside interference in the voting process in the United States which could challenge the democratic system and lead to considerable loss of faith in the fairness of the process.

1.  What happened in the Florida election to trigger a recount of ballots?

2.  What were the different strategies of James Baker (for Bush) and Warrent Christorpher (for Gore)?

3.  Who was Katherine Harris and what role did she play in the drama over the voting in Florida?

4.  Why did both sides feel the United States Supreme Corut would not hear the case of Bush v. Gore?

5.  In the end what did the US Supreme Court decide?

6.  What are the lessons of this election?

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