“ course materials ” – required readings ), 2 H u m a n i t i e s

“ course materials ” – required readings ), 2 H u m a n i t i e s

The object of this assignment is for you to develop a deeper understanding of the definition of altruism, the scientific debate surrounding the existence of “true” altruism, and the methods that social psychologists have used to provide evidence in this debate.To do this I will ask you to do four things:

1) Read the required text book chapter and the Batson reading (see Batson article on the Blackboard course in “Course Materials” – Required Readings),

2) Find one or more examples of altruism (or what some people may claim is altruism) in the media,

3) Write a brief description of your example(s) of altruism… focusing on the relevant details (details that may help us understand the helper’s motives), and explain why you think it is true altruism or only pro-social behavior (cover both in your explanations). In doing so be sure to use terms and definitions from the text and reading. This write up should include an APA style title page and 4 pages of description and explanation. You may also attach the article / URL you used if you wish (not required)

PSY 375

Altruism Homework Criteria / Feedback

____Title Page that includes the Assignment Name and the Student’s Name and is formatted

in APA style (up to 20 points). See APA Style Resources on Blackboard*.

____Altruism description provides sufficient / relevant detail (up to 35 points)

o Sufficient detail provided to understand the motivations of the helper (0 – 20 pts)

o Details are provided regarding empathy and or self interest (0 -10 pts)

o Details are relevant to understanding type of help (emergency/nonemergency) (0-5 pts)

____Explanation of why the helping behavior is best described as Purely Altruistic or simply Pro-social Behavior. (cover both possibilities). (up to 55 points)

o Uses terms/concepts/processes described clearly with sufficient detail (eg., terms and concepts such as: Empathy Altruism hypothesis / sequence; Egoistic explanations: Aversive Arousal (negative state) Reduction; Mood Management hypothesis, Reciprocity, Kin Selection…etc. Providing definitions for terms is helpful. (0 – 45 pts)

o minimum expectations met (one term / finding, etc.) (0 – 5 pts)

o minimum expectations exceeded (several terms used, etc.) (0 – 5 pts)

____Number of examples of helping described and explained (40 points total)

o minimum expectations for assignment are met. (0 – 30 pts)

o minimum expectations for assignment are exceeded (more than one illustration provided and explained using relevant concepts) (0 – 10 pts)

____Total (150 points total possible).

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