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I have write an immigration paper and an annotated bibliography on Switzerland.I added the file in the attachment if you would rather just read what my teacher assigned but I put the rest below if you don’t want to look at the file.

The Immigration Paper is due Tuesday, October 13th @10pm. Papers must be 4-6 pages long, double-spaced, in a reasonable 12-pt font, with 1” margins. Please, no double-spaced headers.You should have at least four (4) academic sources(from academic articles, long-form journalistic sources, agency reports, or government reports)You may also use as many additional newspaper and other quality sources you would like to include. Your total number of sources will likely be somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-10 sources.

You must cover these topics.

Population [This question is required for all papers].

How is immigration connected to broader population issues within the country?

Do the numbers of immigrants help keep the population from shrinking, or do the immigrants contribute to more rapid population growth? Who are the major immigrant groups? Are the new immigrant groups different from immigrants of the past? Is this a perceived problem?


What are the major political issues within the country regarding immigration? [Underlined questions are required for all papers].

How are the immigrants arriving in your assigned country? By boat? By ship? By plane? By vehicle? By foot? What dangers are present here, with regard both to the immigrant him/herself and to the citizens of your assigned country?

What are the pull factors associated with the destination country? What are the push factors associated with the immigrants’ home country?

Are there political issues with regard to the immigrants’ race? Ethnicity? Language? Religion? Culture? Explain.

What steps has the government of your country taken to address these issues? Do you agree with the government’s position? Explain your answer.

Social/Cultural Issues

What are the major social/cultural issues regarding immigration?

Do the immigrants differ from the majority population of the destination country? Some areas to consider are religion, language, gender roles/expectations, income, political system, etc.

What services or protections are in place for immigrants? Are there cultural sharing or exchange programs?

What do the immigrants themselves have to say about their experiences with regard to integration or assimilation? Do they desire greater integration and assimilation? Do they prefer to live in their own communities? Explain the dynamic in terms of lived experiences in an immigrant’s new country.

I also have an annotated bibliography.

An annotated bibliography should be submitted by Tuesday, October 13th. This is short bibliography (in a recognized format such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.) of sources you plan to use in the paper. For the annotated bibliography, please use only academic articles (such as articles from the Annals of the American Association of Geographers or Migration Studies) or long-form journalistic sources (such as the New York Times Magazine or National Geographic). You may also use reports from reputable sources such as the Migration Policy Institute, the Brookings Institute, or the Pew Research Center. Government reports are excellent sources as well. Please do NOT use newspaper reports, blog entries, or encyclopedia entries for this assignment. Your assignments should have the following:

You should have 3-4 sources to get you started (see acceptable list above).

A 4-5 sentence summary of the main findings of the source and how you plan to use it in your paper. You could also put excellent quotes in quotation marks with a page number. The idea is to become familiar with your topic and get organized before writing. Overly brief or vague summaries, (e.g. “This source provides information about the population and economy of the United States”) will not receive full credit. The idea is to begin to READ and EXTRACT information from your sources.

You may NOT copy and paste the abstract of the article.

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