correct apa 7 intext citation format H e a l t h M e d i c a l

correct apa 7 intext citation format H e a l t h M e d i c a l

This week you will read about why assessing a patient’s spirituality is important for nurses. As a nurse, there are so many tasks that must be completed on a daily basis. Does a nurse really have time for one more thing to add to the list? Is it really important to assess a spirituality in a patient? Well, yes it is! Imagine for a moment that you are a patient in a hospital. How would you feel if your nurse took the time to assess your spiritual needs? Let that sink in for a moment. Nurses need to provide holistic care, and the spirit is certainly part of that care! Many nurses assume that a chaplain will assess and provide spiritual care. While chaplains are great, and certainly have a place in the multidisciplinary team, oftentimes there are only one or two chaplains on staff at any given time in an entire hospital. It is not feasible for them to assess spirituality and provide spiritual care when they are spread so thin. One big deterrent for nurses in assessing spirituality is religion. I have spoken with many nurses that worry that a religious problem may come up during a spiritual assessment. Assessing spirituality does not mean that the nurse must know everything about every religion. We will talk next week about the difference in religion and spirituality to clear up that fear. One accrediting body, The Joint Commission, has noted how important spiritual assessment is in their standards. There are some great tools listed in the text that you will have the opportunity to use in your discussion. While performing this spiritual assessment, think about how this assessment made YOU feel. Were you uncomfortable, or did it come naturally for you? Were there questions that you felt did not apply? How would you change the assessment for your daily practice?There have been many studies done on how assessing spirituality can impact a patient’s overall care and spiritual well-being. Look over the synopsis of a few research studies and the results of them listed on paged 58-59 in your text.

“Chaplains synergistically add a key dimension to the care of the patient that no other member of the health care team can provide, because spiritual care is what chaplains do, rather than being a part of what they do. The role of chaplains is crucial’ however, clearly they are not the only ones who provide spiritual care in the hospital. Ultimately, nursing care focuses on wholeness, including spirituality, and meeting a patient’s spiritual needs is not only consistent with best practice but may positively affect nurses themselves. Nurses in our study recognized, with relative ease, acts of compassion in their practice, manifested not just in words but in actions” (Bone, Swinton, Hoad, Toledo, & Cook, 2018, pp. 213-214). After reading the results listed in the O’Brien text as well as this quote, does this change your opinion on spiritual assessment?

Use: O’Brien, M.E. (2018). Spirituality in Nursing: Standing on Holy Ground (6th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning. Chapter 3 pp. 45-59

Bone, N. Swinton, M., Hoad, N., Toledo, Fl, & Cook, D. (2018). Critical care nurses’ experience with spiritual care: The SPIRIT study. American Journal of Critical Care, 27(3). 212-219.


Spiritual Assessment

Using the spiritual assessment scale listed on page 55 in the O’Brien text, assess a patient, friend, or family member.

List your results.

What do these results mean to you as a nurse?

How did you feel doing this assessment?

Did you find that your beliefs influenced your ability to conduct this assessment?

Do you think that having a systematic tool helped you to fully assess the individual as opposed to assessing spirituality on your own terms?

What would you change from this assessment scale now that you have completed it once?

*Please provide the results from your Spiritual Assessment Scale in the following format:

Ex. 1)SA 2)A 3)SA 4)D ect.. This way classmates will know the answer for each specific questions without the need to write out the entire question.

Use correct APA 7 format along with correct APA 7 intext citation format and if you use outside sources make sure to cite them the same supporting you opinion. Correct grammar and spelling.

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