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The word Memo is short for memorandum which is a form of communication within a company, from department to department or within the same department sometimes. In a Business Communication course, students are required to produce at least one professional memo. To get you started, let’s first do a very brief memo, concentrating on proper memo format and paragraph content.

For this assignment, you may want to first take a quick and mini refresher course on what is a paragraph and how to write one effectively. You can do that by simply viewing one or two of the numerous videos on YouTube. In your book, you will find a section covering paragraphs in Chapter 6 titled, “Improving Readability with Style and Design”.

Here’s a wonderful description below in highlight on the subject from the Purdue University Lab that you may want to read thoroughly as it will help you with this entire course:

How to Write a Good Paragraph

Now to see how a memo is constructed, you may want to refer to Appendix B titled, “Formatting for Letters and Memos”, at the back of your book.

Memos begin with proper memo headers, and they are labeled as such:

TO: (the receiver’s information goes here)

FROM: (the writer’s information)

DATE: (date when memo is being written)

SUBJECT: (similar to an e-mail subject line)

The Subject line sometime appears before the Date; it doesn’t matter, but the To and From must always be the same as shown above.

Bold only the headers, not the information next to them.

Now following the memo header format, write just one paragraph of FOUR to SIX sentences on the topic of your job aspirations. A proper sentence must have a subject and a verb then an object, etc. For a refresher on writing proper sentences, please review Chapter 6 in your book.

Here’s an example of how your assignment should look (you can change the names and the information next to the Subject line as you wish, and certainly your first sentence–be original):

TO: Professor R. Paik

FROM: Rose Bud

DATE: September 8, 2020

SUBJECT: Career Aspirations after College

I am looking to become an astronaut in the near future after I complete my … (and continue writing till you finish the paragraph).

That’s it, that’s all you need to do; just write one excellent paragraph. To get some information on your chosen career, you may want to look through this valuable site:

Occupational Outlook for 2020

What to Write

Tell me something about your chosen career, what skills, knowledge, or traits do you already have that would be useful for this career, what areas do you need to improve on to compete in the job market for this position, and things like that.

If you don’t have a career in mind at this time then write about your marketable skills and qualifications–what are you good at that an employer may be looking for such as efficient, team player, good people skills, leadership skills, “gets the job done”, reliable, etc.

If you don’t plan to work for a company but want to go into business for yourself right after college, then what skills and qualifications will you bring to your business, what will be your business, who will be your target market, what will make your business unique from the competitors, etc.?

Please remember to keep your sentences brief, make sure they connect with each other, stay on topic and limit your writing to just four to six sentences; otherwise points will be lost from the Format category in grading. Once you have completed you paragraph, review your work several times to make sure that every sentence makes sense, and that you followed all the guidelines given above. Then check the Grading Criteria below to see how your work will be graded. After that simply post your work by clicking Submit.

NOTE: In a memo there is no “Dear Ms. Smith”, or “Sincerely”, — there are no greetings and no closing salutations as there are in e-mails and in letters.

Here’s the Grading Criteria for this assignment: Total Points 50

Format 20

Make sure to follow the memo headers as shown above. Use Times Roman 12 to write your memo, that’s a standard in the business world. Then, if you can, convert it to a pdf file and post in canvas TurnItIn. If you use Notes, .txt, or other fonts, or very small font size, five points will be deducted from this category.

Content 10

Make sure to talk about what has been asked in this assignment; stay within topic, use the formula for writing a good paragraph as shown in the book and in various YouTube videos. Write proper sentences.

Mechanics: Spelling and Grammar 10

Proofread your work very carefully; use this site Online Dictionary whenever possible to check your words. Please note that this is not an ESL (English as a Second Language) course, you are expected to have good command over the English language and basic writing aptitude in English. Business English or English 101 are prerequisites to this course. As this is a Business Communication class, correct spelling and grammar are extremely important. More than five errors in either spelling or grammar or in combination of both will minus the entire ten points. In the business/working world or real world in general, just one such error could be costly and mean a loss of credibility.

Work must be in either PDF format or in Word (.docx) Times Roman 12 format. 5

TurnItIn must show less than 30 percent similarity, best if 0 percent. 5

If it shows 30 percent or above in similarity (plagiarized/copied without permission), five points will be deducted.

TurnItIn is a software used by educational institutions throughout the world. It catches similarity of a student’s work with other writer’s published work; it’s a plagiarism catcher used to see if a student has copied work of other writers. As TurnItIn gives the similarity percentage report to the student first, you have the opportunity to revise and re-post your work in Canvas.

Again, follow this memo header format only (not the information next to each header) to construct your own memo for this assignment.


TO: Will Bates

FROM: Ronald Dumbb

SUBJECT: How to Win at Any Cost

DATE: August 30, 2016

Leave about two to four-line spaces below the last memo header, or about this much space as shown above, then start writing your paragraph. Make sure that information next to each header lines up properly, one over another as shown above twice in the directions.

If you have a general question about this assignment, please post it in Chat/Canvas; otherwise, ask me through the Canvas e-mail messaging systems. This work is due by November 4.


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