control standard american english W r i t i n g

control standard american english W r i t i n g

The goal of this self-analysis is to assess your own development as a thinker and writer as well as your readiness for the writing tasks you will encounter in your college courses and career. Focus on your personal engagement with the class and its materials. Please save your instructor evaluation for the ACC Course Evaluation.

There are two parts to this assignment. Both parts must be completed for credit.

Part I

Select ONE question from 1-3 below and respond in approximately 300 words. Draw upon specific activities, assignments, and work habits/study strategies from the semester to answer the question.

1. How have you used evidenced-based reasoning to explore a text or a topic? What kind of evidence did you use? Where did you find it? How did you handle differences in viewpoints or interpretations?

2. Consider your understanding of a social, political, or cultural issue reflected in a text that you read. How have your views evolved during the course? What was your understanding when you began the course and how has your perspective developed?

3. Which assignment and/or text was most meaningful to you this semester and why? How did the exploration of the text in the class lead to a more complex understanding or engagement with the work?

Part II

Respond to the following question in approximately 300 words.

Reflect on your growth and confidence as a writer. Select any two assignments you wrote for the course, such as a journal entry, discussion board post, annotated bibliography, or essay. Identify and explain where you felt you evolved as a writer and a thinker. Consider a few of the following:

  • your ability to read and understand a text from a literary tradition,
  • your ability to assess purpose and audience for written work,
  • your ability to articulate and support a thesis-driven argument,
  • your ability to explore a topic with depth and balance,
  • your ability to control Standard American English.
  • and any other ways you feel you have developed as a writer and a thinker

Provide specific examples from your two assignments to support your assertions. Conclude with a few sentences on areas where you hope to improve as you move on to future courses.


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