considering recent pandemic prevailing W r i t i n g

considering recent pandemic prevailing W r i t i n g

The markets are nowadays flooded with the Internet of things (IoT) based devices. The future for these connected devices looks very promising as they are more efficient and convenient to operate. An area where the IoT devices have found the most exciting application is that of a smart home. There are numerous devices available in the market for smart home applications. Assuming you intend to develop a smart home in the future, answer the following questions that may come up during building one. Please see eLearning for instructor directions if any.

Question 1: Imagine a concept design for a home that you would like to build. Determine the number of rooms, amenities (e.g. refrigerator, washing machine, computer etc.), and any other interior or exterior features that you would like to have. Summarize the home design in within 250 words.

Question 2: Devices: List the internet of things (IoT) devices (at least five) that you would like to install in your smart home and where you would like to install in your home. Answer this question in within 500 words.

Question 3: Connectivity: How do you intend to create a network between the smart devices that you have selected for your home? Discuss hardware and software tools that you would need to establish a network between the devices. Answer this question in less than 250 words.
Question 4: Management: Explain how your intendent to manage the devices installed in your home. Discuss about any new hardware or software application that you would need to purchase to accomplish this.

Question 5: Security: Discuss the steps taken by you to enhance the network security of your smart home.
Question 6: Prepare a budget estimate for your smart home project. Include all fixed costs only in your estimate.
Question 7: Considering recent pandemic prevailing in our society, is it possible for you to create a germ (microbe) free zone in your smart home using the technology?

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