community needs assessment assignment preparationfor H e a l t h M e d i c a l

community needs assessment assignment preparationfor H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Community Needs Assessment Assignment


For this assignment, choose a health-related topic: Substance Abuse. The following is an overview of activities you will complete for this assignment


A brief paragraph that is an introduction to the paper. Identify the health issue and your chosen

community. What do you plan to accomplish in this paper?


Provide a case definition for your specified health issue (standard criteria used to identify this issue).

What is the significance of this health issue? What is the cost to society (i.e. U.S. expenditure, etc.)?

Explain the overall impact of this health issue on society, and the importance of reducing the incidence/

prevalence of this health issue.

3.Incidence and Prevalence Data

What populations are at highest risk of this health issue? Compare national, state and local incidence and prevalence data for this health issue (Use . Use credible data sources to describe the demographics of the population affected by this health issue, to include demographic factors that may be considered risk factors for this health issue. Provide rationale for any differences in the national, state, and local incidence/prevalence rates of this health issue based on population demographics, and other information identified. If local statistical data is not known for your health issue, please specify so.

Local data should be supported by information provided by two key informants within your

community who are knowledgeable about the specific health issue. Please note that information from key informants is required to obtain points for this section of the paper.

Note: For this part, use Anoka County, Minnesota to compare the prevalence data to the nation

4.Epidemiologic Triangle Model Application

Describe the host, agent, and environmental factors significant to this issue. Be sure to use evidence-based information as rationale for your response.

5.Community Assets and Barriers

Community Assets:Identify strengths/resources within your community to address the issue.

Community Barriers:Identify conditions, policies, resource limitations, attitudes, etc. that prevent community members for accessing resources and/or preventing optimal health outcomes.

6.Healthy People 2030

Identify a Healthy People 2030 Goal and Objective related to your specified health issue that is appropriate for your community.

7.Public Health Intervention

Identify a community or system public health intervention that may be implemented to improve the health of your community. Outline key components of this intervention. Specify your target population and level of prevention. Provide two sources of reliable evidence to support your proposed intervention (i.e. peer-reviewed journal articles, federal agencies, credible research organizations, etc.).


Identify [specific] strategies you would use to implement your specified public health intervention.

What resources (i.e. funding sources, partners, etc.) would be necessary to successfully implement the proposed intervention? What are potential barriers to implementing this intervention? How may you overcome these barriers?


Public Health Intervention:

Identify a [specific, measurable] plan to evaluate effectiveness of your specified public health intervention. Healthy People 2030: Identify a measurable health indicator for your specified Healthy People 2030 objective. How will you know if this objective was met?


Provide a brief paragraph that summarizes the findings presented in this paper (no new information should be included).

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