comfort level discussing issues W r i t i n g

comfort level discussing issues W r i t i n g

Journal Assignment (3 Parts):

A journal assignment is neither a diary nor a polished written paper. Journal writing focuses on connecting class activity with thoughts, emotions, and events in your everyday life. You do not need to answer all the questions or answer the questions directly. Instead, use the questions as prompts to get you thinking and writing a response about a topic related to race and racism. Approach the exercise with the intention of being challenged.

Present your ideas in a coherent and thought-provoking manner. Each journal entry should be approximately 300-500 words (one page single-spaced or two pages double-spaced). After you finish writing, go back to correct spelling, grammar, and other mechanical issues so that a reader can easily understand what you are trying to convey. However, you do not need to structure your journal writing like a formal paper (e.g. introduction, thesis, argument, conclusion).

Journal entries will be collected several times during the quarter. For assignment entry 1 you should respond to prompt 1, for assignment entry 2 you should respond to prompt 2, and for assignment entry 3 you should respond to prompt 3. Try to make concrete connections between journal entries. Link personal reactions to the class material, but do not just summarize readings and lectures. You can submit assignments 1 and 2 at any time before the due date, but you should wait to submit assignment 3 until close to the due date as it asks you to reflect on what you learned during the quarter.

The same set of instructions are being posted for all three journal entries. Turn in the entry for each journal on its respective Canvas assignment link. Do not submit all the entries on the same link. Do not do all three of the parts in one sitting.

Entry 1 Prompts: Identity and Racism

Who am I? How important is race to how I think about myself? How significant is racism in my life and to other people that I care about? How has racism affected me personally? What is my comfort level discussing issues of race and racism? What is a fair or acceptable level of racism? What do I think about having to take a class about race and racism to meet a university requirement?

You can use my nation, i am CHINESE, try to find something that people from other countries and nations do racism to Asian and Chinese people.

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