clear thesis statement indicating whether H u m a n i t i e s

clear thesis statement indicating whether H u m a n i t i e s


In 5 pgs Minimum, (8 pages maximum) double spaced, write an essay explaining, in the first paragraph, what you think Schlosser means by “distinctively American way” as FFNation presents it.

Then consider AT LEAST TWO of the following consequences(topics): food poisoning; inhumane working conditions; union busting; worker exploitation; manipulation of children through tv; obesity

MAKE SURE YOU DON’T CHOOSE TOPICS WHICH OVERLAP TOO MUCH. Give a full summary and explanation of these consequences as Schlosser discusses them and how he attributes these consequences to the fast food industry.

Then give WHAT YOU THINK WOULD BE THE FAST-FOOD INDUSTRY’S DEFENSE against Schlosser’s accusations. I have yet to find a comprehensive industry refutation to FFN which you could use as a source of the industry points of view refuting Schlosser’s. With this paper you will only have Schlosser’s side of the story. So, to do this part you will need to be defending the fast food industry against Schlosser’s accusations, yourself – meaning you will have to think about the consequence from the industry’s point of view and provide some defense of the fast food industry against what Schlosser says about that consequence.

Then tell us whether you agree with Schlosser’s view or with the fast food industry’s view (which you came up with yourself) for each of the two consequences. And why.

You don’t have to agree with Schlosser on both consequences or with the fast food industry on both. You may agree with Schlosser on one and disagree on another consequence. Or you could disagree with Schlosser for both consequences. You decide.

The third section (titled My Argument), where you choose a side, either pro-industry or pro-Schlosser, and argue for. This is the argument section of the paper so it is the most important. In writing this section you will use arguing techniques we’ve practiced including personal anecdote(s).


First paragraph — explain Schlosser’s quote — on p.9 he says he has shed light “on a distinctively American way of viewing the world.” Tell us in your first paragraph what you think he means by this quote.

Then, use subheads for each consequence, for example — write:

Schlosser’s Argument: Worker Exploitation (for example)

Then give a full discussion of what Schlosser says about worker exploitation.

Then provide a subhead called:

Industry Defense: This is where you refute what Schlosser says (in this example, about Worker Exploitation) — this is where you provide arguments from the industry’s point of view which you came up with thinking about it on your own (no research allowed).

Then provide a subhead called:

My Argument: This is where you will give a full and thorough argument with a clear thesis statement indicating whether you agree with Schlosser or agree with the industry about the consequence. This section is where you will use all the argument techniques we’ve practiced this quarter. Here is where you want to be most persuasive — using argumentation and counter-arguing and anecdote.

Then go on to the next consequence you chose and repeat the use of these subheads.

Then a short conclusion.

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