clean meat industry increase regulatory W r i t i n g

clean meat industry increase regulatory W r i t i n g

Just, Inc.

1. Is Just best suited to pursue clean meat, plant based meat, edible insects, or expand its plant based product line? Which market provides the best business opportunity and why?

2. Given Just’s and Tetrick’s controversial pasts, would their entrance as a first mover into the clean meat industry increase regulatory and public skepticism and reduce the adoption of clean meat products? Why or why not?

3. How do the respective value propositions of clean meat products differ from plant based meat products or edible insects?

4. What are the biggest logistical challenges Just might face if it decides to enter the clean meat market? What about plant based meat? Insect proteins?

5. If Just pursues one of these options, what is its entry strategy and what are the immediate next steps?


  1. Google’s acquisition of Keyhole:
    • What did Keyhole and its investors sacrifice by being acquired? What did they gain? Was it worth it? Why?
    • What did John Hanke take away from this acquisition experience?
    • What helped Keyhole to become a successful acquisition?
    • Why was it deemed a success?
    • What KPls would you use to measure this acquisition?
  2. Niantic Labs spin-off from Google’s point of view:
    • Should Google spinout Niantic Labs? Why?
    • What should Google do to make it success for Niantic and Google?
    • What are the KPls for the spin-off?
  3. From Hanke’s and the Niantic Lab team’s point of view:
    • ls Niantic Labs better off inside or outside of Google? Why?
    • What are the KPls for Niantic Labs as a stand-alone entity?
  4. Cluster of Innovation: The Impact of Time and Place:
    • When John Hanke decided to pivot his career back to computers and gaming, he made a strategic choice to a) go to a business school and b) to choose a school proximate to a Cluster of How did his career benefit from that choice?
    • How did John Hanke’s understanding of geographic information systems and its applications aid in the creation of Keyhole, Google Geo-products, and Niantic?
  5. Cluster of lnnovation : Looking Forward:
    • What role does the Silicon Valley ecosystem play in the decision making?
    • How would this decision be affected if Niantic Labs was located elsewhere?
    • What strategies should Google and Niantic each adopt to take advantage of their geographic location?
    • What strategies would you adopt if you were the CEO of Keyhole, and it was located in (fill in the blank with your location)

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