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class …. unfortunately every semester W r i t i n g

A minimum of four paragraphs are due for this assignment.

Colonialist Mary Rowlandson was abducted by Native Americans in 1676 during King Philip’s War (or Metacomet’s War). If you want to know more about Mary Rowlandson read this article. (Links to an external site.) As you are reading, think about the reasoning behind the Native American’s behavior. You will learn about her experience reading her narrative excerpt below.

  • Select the link below to read a short excerpt to Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative. Answer the questions included with the reading. You can answer those questions in your first two or three paragraphs.
  • Next you will select the link below and read the Betrayal of King Philip (Metacomet). You need to submit one to two paragraphs at a minimum after reading the Betrayal of King Philip. The video (2 part (less than 15 minutes in all) about King Philip’s betrayal will be very helpful.
  • In all you need four or more paragraphs for the assignment.
  • Explain in your submission if understanding King Philip’s War answers why Native Americans were abducting and killing colonists? After learning the causation of King Philip’s war, does this change the way you would answer the questions regarding Mary Rowlandson?
  • Does knowing about the conflict from both the colonists and Native American point of view make a difference?
  • Do you think this would change how we view contemporary conflicts in the news today? In other words why do we need more than one source to find the truth?

The intent for this reflection is to allow students to read opposing viewpoints about a certain time and event in history. In order for us to find the truth, we need to read about both the colonialists and Native America point of view. Plan on also viewing the short video clip from 500 Nations below to help you adequately answer the questions. Send me a Canvas Inbox message if you have any questions. I am looking forward to your answers on this one! This is one of my favorite topics of study.

Class….Unfortunately every semester at least one student indicates that King Philip was the king of England. No! Please make sure you understand who you are writing about.

This video is a clips are from the documetary 500 Nations. It will be very helpful to understand King Philip’s story.

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