civil war began july 21 W r i t i n g

civil war began july 21 W r i t i n g

What advantages did the North and the South have when going into the Civil War? Did these advantages actually help? Did they change over the course of the war?

What was the North’s most important assest which helped them to victory?

2-2 replies for these 2 entries

1-The Civil war started and was a battle over the tensions between the North (also known as the Union) and the South. These tensions were about slavery, states’ rights, and the well-known westward expansion. like any other war, each side had its own advantages that they would be able to use during battle or just to show who might win. 

The Union had many advantages over the confederacy (the South) during the civil war. The North had a greater population than the south, that being 18.5 million. While the South only had about 9.0 with only 5.5 million being free and the rest of the 3.5 being enslaved. That let the Union have more soldiers to fight in the war. The Union had an industrial economy which put them ahead of the South with their rapid industrialization. They had the most access to natural resources like coal, iron, and gold and a developed railroad system. During this time the South had an agricultural economy so that put them farther back than advanced like the Union. The North also had main financial centers in their land; it helped them if they needed to borrow money for the war while on the other hand was a disadvantage to the South as it was hard for them to borrow money for the same war. 

The South’s greatest advantage that they had was that they were fighting on their own land. Since they had that advantage it helped them knowing the territory to scare and harass the North wherever they went. Although the North had a larger army, the South had the advantage of having a better military leadership.  

The Union’s biggest asset(s) were the fact that they were a large industrial power nation and its leaders political skills helped them win the war. So yes these advantages that the North had did help them not only to support them in fighting but also to lead them to victory. 

2-The Civil War began July 21, 1861 officially with the Battle of Bull Run of Manassas. Majority of the Battle was fought in Virginia and more so in the south which gave the South an advantage. The advance of new technologies gave the North the key advances they needed to win the war.

The North had a great advantage which were factories of which were able to make weapons and invent new technology that the south couldn’t produce. Although the south had few factories, they couldn’t compete with immigrants flooding in looking for new work. The south only had slaves so there was no need to employ anyone. Also, the south was mostly know for agriculture.

Samuel colt invented “the revolver”, a repeating pistol in 1835. In 1860, Oliver Winchester invented the repeating rifle. Soldiers on both sides also learned proper positions for combat. Before, armies would just line up in two lines and shoot until an opposing side withdrew the battle. Trenches were also used and is a predecessor to the vast network of trenches used in WW1.

A form of hot hot air balloons were used for the purposes of spying on enemies in the sky. Railroads were also another turning point in the war. They helped transport food, Soldiers, supplies and whatever else was needed for the war. It was much easier and faster to use than horses. The use of the telegraph was somewhat rare due to the scarcity of operators. Both Union and Confederate armies learned to string telegraph wires along the routes of their troops so field commanders were able to stay in touch with one another during the war.

The greatest advantage the North had was a naval power. They were able to form blockades and stop southern ships from transporting supplies back and forth to Confederate soldiers. They were also able to seize their ships for themselves. The Confederates made a bold attempt to break through the Union blockades using a ironclad warship named the “Merrimac”. In the end they failed and were no match on the waters.

The South may have knew the lay of the land, but the North had the best advantages when it came to technology. Although both sides had access these technologies, the North had access to factories which in the end helped them win the war.

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