cite appropriately using mla W r i t i n g

cite appropriately using mla W r i t i n g

I need an argumentative essay about the cause of autism. The following is from the assignment description that will be found in the attachment below:

Write a paper that takes a position regarding the solution to your unsolved mystery, supported by three to five distinct reasons. Adopt third-person POV and formal phrasing.

The paper should be 1500 to 2000 words. If less than 1500 words, it will be considered incomplete.

The paper should comprise five parts, though these should not be labeled in the paper:

  • Introduction. Begin with an attention-getter related to your topic. Then introduce the mystery, clearly state your thesis (or position), and briefly preview your supporting points in the order in which you will treat them.
  • Background. Before you offer support, explain the position itself. You may adapt some information from your classification paper if it is relevant to your thesis, but keep this section concise, no more than a page.
  • Confirmation (or Proof). This is the main part of the paper. Need an expert opinion as one source. Develop each supporting point in detail. Use source material for support, but connect it to what you have to say and cite appropriately using MLA. You may use multiple paragraphs to develop each supporting point. Be sure to connect ideas and paragraphs with smooth and specific transitions.
  • Refutation. Briefly refute at least two opposing viewpoints, either alternative explanations or arguments attacking the position that you take. When you bring up contradictory arguments, only do so to refute them. If you can only refute part of an argument, then only introduce that part and refute it right away. Do not argue against yourself. Refute those arguments that are your greatest competition or that pose the biggest threat to the persuasiveness of your position. This section is much briefer than your confirmation, a paragraph or two.
  • Conclusion. Conclusions are tough, and if you didn’t do well with yours in P2, you now have a chance to redeem yourself. Review the links in the instructions for P2, and let me know if you have any questions.

You also need a Works Cited, using MLA (no annotations). It should be a separate page at the end of your document (not a separate document). It should document at least six sources. As usual, reference works and fiction do not count. Important: Each work listed in your Works Cited must be cited at least once in the paper.

Your paper must have a title and a subtitle. The title grabs attention; the subtitle indicates the topic. An example:

.This is my attempt at the thesis statement. But anyway, this is my position. However, the most scrutinized and controversial theory is that vaccines cause autism. In reality, no one knows the genuine cause of autism and studies have shown that many factors can contribute to this diagnosis. Nevertheless, I believe its genetics and the environment is the primary cause of autism.

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