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For this Assessment, you will create an academic, formal essay advocating a solution to a problem you have identified in your community or workplace. Using the persuasive, problem-solving thesis statement you developed for the second competency assessment is recommended, but you may develop another if you prefer.

In this essay of approximately 1000 words, you will integrate evidence from at least four credible sources to support the argument for change that you are advocating. In addition to having at least three supporting points for your thesis, you will also need to address a challenge to your argument within the essay, as the ability to do so is a key component of a strong argument. Furthermore, concrete examples should be included to illustrate points, and logical fallacies like those covered in Hasty Generalizations and Other Logical Fallacies should be avoided. Essentially, the essay will reflect your ability to write effectively and persuasively and integrate research to support your idea for change.

Some topics that would be relevant would be advocating a change in policy in your workplace, such as paid family leave or a new safety procedure. If you wish to focus on a community-based problem, you might advocate the need for a recycling program, sidewalks in your neighborhood to increase pedestrian safety, or better flood control measures.

The essay should use a formal, academic style with clear, concise sentences, and effective transitions should be used to ensure cohesiveness. The essay should be formatted in APA 6th edition style, with a separate title and references page and in-text citations. For more on APA guidelines, see the Purdue Global Writing Center’s Citation and Formatting Guidelines page.

In accordance with the Plagiarism Policy, students must not self-plagiarize by submitting an essay that has already been submitted for a grade in another course; therefore, you must not submit a paper for this competency assessment that has been graded in whole or in part for another class, whether at the University or another institution.

Minimum Submission Requirements

Your persuasive essay will need to meet the following criteria:

  • A length of approximately 1000 words, not including the title and references page
  • APA 6th Edition formatting for the document, including an appropriately formatted title page and references page
  • A persuasive thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph
  • Well-developed paragraphs that include evidence from sources to support your argument for a specific change in your community or workplace
  • In-text and reference page citations for at least four credible sources; at least one of the cited sources should be either a book/eBook or a periodical article from the Purdue Global library
  • Standard English should be used, and the essay should be edited carefully to minimize grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling errors.
  • A formal, academic style of writing (third person point of view should be used throughout).

My essay is supposed to be on abolishing capital punishment.

These are the references I told my professor earlier i would use:

Friedman, L. S. (Ed.). (2011). Introducing issues with opposing viewpoints. The death

penalty. Greenhaven Press.…

Death Penalty Information Center. (2021, January 4). Facts about the death penalty.

Retrieved January 5, 2021, from


Bedau, H. A. (n.d.). The case against the death penalty. Retrieved from–


Bohm, R. M. (2011). Deathquest: An introduction to the theory and practice of capital

punishment in the United States. Routledge.

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