chapter persuasive speaking download persuasive speaking W r i t i n g

chapter persuasive speaking download persuasive speaking W r i t i n g

Topic: The minimum wage should be increased

In 2-3 sentences, explain why you have chosen this topic: 

The minimum wage rate is producing massive levels of poverty and unemployment. Also, if you are residing in New York, you would be aware of how pricey basic needs and necessities are. 

State the General Purpose (to persuade my audience) & Specific Purpose (Statement of policy): After this speech, my audience will consider that the minimum wage in America should be raised throughout the nation.

State the Thesis Statement/ Central Idea: To persuade – to create, change or reinforce attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors. 

Your main objective is to persuade the audience to accept your proposition using arguments based upon ethical, logical, and emotional appeals. The speech should be on one side of any controversial issue you wish. This means that you are to take a stand on the issue. You are to talk about something that you believe we should do or change.

Do not rely solely on personal knowledge and experience. Even if you are an expert on the topic, you will need to back up and support your ideas with information from credible sources. 

Do the preliminary research and write a tentative thesis statement (central idea).

Get my approval for your topic (due SU, November 21). Non-approved topics will receive a 15 point reduction. 

Do more research. Use of 3 or more credible sources cited within your speech and in the reference section of your outline (review resources in Research HubLinks to an external site.)

Outline your speech. Take a look at the sample outlines here   Download sample outlines here and those at the end of your chapter Persuasive Speaking   Download Persuasive Speaking.

Then craft a 5-6 minute extemporaneous speech.

The speech should be your own words, cite orally (at least 3 sources).

You must have an introduction, clearly defined main points, and conclusion.

You must use ethos, pathos, and logos.

You must have a proposition of fact, value, or policy.

After you have chosen, earned approval, researched, and crafted your informative speech, you are to: 

Write a detailed outline in which you plan your speech structure and arguments.


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