chapter 7 sexual violence 1 sexual violence 2 H u m a n i t i e s

chapter 7 sexual violence 1 sexual violence 2 H u m a n i t i e s

Part I.(50 pts total) Please answer the following two questions (25 pts each).Please label which questions you are answering (Ex: Part I.#1), and ground your answers in specific readings/lecture notes.

  • Using separate spheres ideology, analyze the history of women’s entrance into the paid labor pool and the current patterns of employment and rates of pay.Be sure to be sensitive to the influence of race and class in your analysis.How has the ideology of separate spheres contributed to the wage gap and occupational segregation between women and men?
  • Currently, women make up 23.7% of Congress and 29.3% of state legislatures.Why is women’s representation in elected office so poor?Be specific and thorough, making sure to discuss why women do not run and the sources of electoral bias against women.Based on what you have learned in this course, how could women’s representation in political office be improved?
  • What is the difference between sex and gender?Why is it important to distinguish between the two?What are gender stereotypes, and how can they be harmful?
  • In what ways is the workplace gendered, and how does this work against women?Hint:Be sure to discuss “organization man” in your analysis.
  • What is affirmative action?Who has it benefitted the most?What has the Supreme Court ruled in regard to affirmative action?Discuss all relevant court cases and their details.
  • Analyze the evolution of what constitutes rape in the United States.Be sure to discuss common law conceptions of rape, proof of rape, and marital exemptions.How do rape and other forms of sexual violence damage society?
  • What is privilege, what are the consequences of privilege, and what can we do about privilege?Be sure to discuss categories of privilege in your answer.

Part II.(30 pts total, 15 pts each) Choose two of the following questions.Please label which questions you are answering (Ex: Part II.#3), and ground your answers in specific readings/lecture notes.

Part III.(20 pts total) Please answer the following question, making sure to answer each part of it.I expect serious and thoughtful introspection!Although there is no “correct” answer for the most part, your answer needs to demonstrate your understanding of feminism and how what you have learned in this class is applicable to your life.Be sure to ground your answers in specific readings when applicable.

  • What is feminism?How has your understanding of feminism changed over the course of the semester?What does feminism mean to you?How do you anticipate that feminism will affect your life, both personally and professionally?

Formatting requirements:12-point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, double spaced

  • If you do not follow the      above requirements, it is an automatic deduction.
  • Make sure to follow the      formatting for all parts of your      paper, including the citation or reference page and page numbers and      headers.You will have to change the default settings.The new version of Word puts an extra      space between paragraphs.You will      have to go in and format it so the entire paper is doubled spaced.
  • Writing/style/grammar/usage/understandability
    • Use the Oxford comma.This means that if you have a series of       three items or more, you should use a comma before the conjunction.This is consistent with APA, MLA,       Chicago, & Turabian format.
      • Ex:city, township, and county
    • Do not use contractions in       academic writing or end sentences with prepositions.
    • Do not use 1st       person pronouns like I, me, etc…
  • Proper citations (APA, MLA,      Chicago, or Turabian) and formatting.There are style books in the library, and there are examples on the      library’s website. In addition, please include the following:
    • Your Name, PPA 515, Dr.       Wade, Date, Midterm (top left corner, each on a separate line), single       space (or a title page depending on citation style)
    • Text of paper – double       space, indent paragraphs
    • Page numbers inserted in       header or footer, along with your last name (center bottom or upper       right)

Ex:Smith 2

  • Reference/Works Cited page
    • Failure to include a works        cited or reference page is a deduction – assuming you cited within the        body of your paper.No references        in the body of the paper or at the end will result in a zero and/or a        plagiarism charge.

Required Readings:


Alkadry & Tower, Introduction & Chapter 1

Alkadry, M. G., & Tower, L. E. (2014). Women and public service: Barriers, challenges and opportunities. Routledge.


Alkadry, Introduction & Chapter 1

Alkadry, Chapter 2

Alkadry, Chapters 2 & 3


Alkadry, Chapter 2

Alkadry, Chapter 3, Part 1

Alkadry, Chapter 3, Part 2

Alkadry & Tower, Chapters 4, 5, 6, & 8


Alkadry & Tower, Chapter 4, Part 1

Alkadry & Tower, Chapter 4, Part 2

Alkadry & Tower, Chapter 5, Part 1

Alkadry & Tower, Chapter 5, Part 2

Alkadry & Tower, Chapter 6, Part 1

Alkadry & Tower, Chapter 6, Part 2


Alkadry & Tower, Chapter 7


Alkadry, Chapter 7

Sexual Violence 1

Sexual Violence 2

The Rice and Burnier chapters are in:

  • Gooden, Susan T. and Kristen A. Norman-Major, eds. 2012. Cultural Competency for Public Administrators. New York: ME Sharpe.

The Johnson chapter is from:

  • Johnson, Allan. 2005. Power, Privilege and Difference. 2nd edition. Boston: McGraw Hill. 

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