changing social norms concerning sexual mores W r i t i n g

changing social norms concerning sexual mores W r i t i n g

Answer ALL of the five questions listed below by writing an extensive response in essay form. The paper should total 10 pages, two pages for each of the five essay questions

You are not being graded for the position that you take on issues that are controversial or contentious in sociology. Rather, you are graded on the basis of how well you explain your ideas pertaining to the questions asked and support your positions with relevant information and the use of logical argument.

All papers must be typed, double-spaced, using 12 point type in the Times New Roman or Arial Styles. Only black ink may be used. All papers should have a cover page with an appropriate title, the student’s name, and identification of the particular course. The pages should be numbered. Only pages with actual text will be counted towards the total page count of the assignment. The title page, abstract, bibliographical pages, or appendixes do not count towards the total page count.

All papers must cite sources. This part of the assignment is not optional. The paper should have a reference page citing all sources used in the appropriate APA style. Example:

Henslin, J. (2014). Sociology: A down-to-earth approach (12th ed.). Boston: Pearson.

Additionally, direct quotations and paraphrased ideas that are used in the text of the paper should be cited using in-text citations. Example: (Preston, 2016, p. 64).

If the student needs assistance determining how to properly cite a source, the Purdue Owl website should be consulted.

Please write a two page essay in response to each of the following five questions.

1). American society has become more inclusive of traditionally excluded social groups such as women or ethnic/racial minorities over the past half century. Some people argue that American society still has a long way to go so far as the goal of securing equal opportunities and equal rights for traditionally subordinated population groups is concerned. Other people argue that the civic project of providing equal rights and opportunities has largely been achieved, and that we are living in a society where racism and sexism are largely a thing of the past. Still others will insist that efforts to compensate for past wrongs have gone too far, resulting in such problems as “reverse discrimination” and so forth. Early in this course, you were introduced to social conflict theory, race conflict theory, and gender conflict theory. In subsequent units, we have discussed matters of social stratification involving race, gender, and related issues. Based on what you have studied in this course, and your own life experiences and observations about our society, do you feel that efforts to gain equal rights and opportunities for traditionally excluded people are incomplete? Or have such efforts been successful?

The videos below represent two sharply contrasting views on this issue. Which speaker do you think makes the better case for their position?

Still others will argue that poverty in American society, while on average not being as severe an issue as it is in less developed societies, is still a very serious social and political issue. Additionally, it will be argued that poverty is often the result of either individual misfortune or accidents of birth, or the result the structural issues within the context of our political, economic, and legal systems that impede the ability of the lower socio-economic orders to achieve upward mobility or economic self-sufficiency. Based on the content of this class, and your own research or experiences, where do you stand on this highly controversial and emotionally charged question?

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