changethe supply chainby helping supply chain managers plan routes B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

changethe supply chainby helping supply chain managers plan routes B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

How will IoT innovations, mobile connectivity and automation drive change in a supply chain? Review either one of the videos and provide your opinion of the content. Reply to your peers and cite your work.


Vanessa Greenlee

TheloT(internet of things) can changethe supply chainby helping supply chain managers plan routes,and also allow them to take into account the number of accidents or otherdelays that may happen on thehighways. The loT come up with all data that is needed to develop aflexible plan andget to the cause ofthe existing delays.In the supply chain, mobileconnectivityis one of the most effective way to track products and shipments usinga GPS. They are also able monitor thestorage conditions of these products which helps enhance thequality and themanagement throughout the supply chain.Managers are able to spend more time interacting directlywith their employees because mobile connectivitycan save them time in the daily operations by helping inworkload management.The automation has taken over many areasof the supply chainlike storage, handling, anddistribution by replacing the manual labor. Supply chainautomation helps reduce all around labor costs. It alsohelps reduce their inventory, warehousing, and overhead costsassociated with the inventory storage, including rent,labor, and energy costs.


Michael ZamudiO

IoT innovations will drive change in the supply change because it helps supply chain managers plan routes and it curates all the data needed to develop flexible contingency plans and get to the cause of existing delays. mobile connectivity is an effective way to track and authenticate products and shipments using GPS and other technologies. they can also monitor the storage conditions of products which enhances quality management throughout the supply chain. managers can spend more time directly engaging with their employees because mobile connectivity can save their time in the daily work by helping in workload management. supply chain automation helps reduce labor costs and can reduce inventory, warehousing and overhead costs associated with inventory storage. IoT can help reduce manual labor, errors, and help increase processing speeds and warehouse efficiency. for IoT to be effective you have to find the right connection to make sure data is delivered accurately, in full and on time. IoT data provides critical information, changing the way manufacturing and distribution companies understand procurement operations. companies can receive advance warnings on any shipping error, reducing data entry errors and prolonged cycle times.

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